AE Podcast: Interview with Director Nicole Conn

More Beautiful for Having Been Broken on the AE podcast

This week on the podcast we talk with Nicole Conn, award-winning director of More Beautiful for Having Been Broken and Elena Undone, among many more lesbian and women-centered films.

Her film More Beautiful for Having Been Broken recently celebrated world-wide distribution, bringing the 2019 film to a much broader audience. We dive into the story, which is somewhat inspired by her own son. On the podcast we talk writing, producing, and directing content by and for lesbians.

Nicole Conn also just launched a new project, Nicole Conn Films Global, the first ever global destination hub for all-things lesbian and bi women media and content. The mission of her latest project is to provide a digital space where artists, creators and financial investors can come together to create, network, and build partnerships to develop new entertainment projects. Conn’s project highlights the reality that while LGBT content is growing in popularity and acceptance, the L and B portions of that acronym are vastly underrepresented in terms not only of numbers but of diversity.

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