AfterEllen Podcast: Lesbian Loneliness

On today’s podcast, editor in chief Jocelyn Macdonald and writer Gabrielle Alejandro dive in to lesbian loneliness. What’s lesbian loneliness? Don’t act like you don’t know! 

With the disappearance of lesbian spaces and a hard shift away from lesbian identity in favor of more ‘inclusive’ identities, it’s harder than ever to build lesbian-centered community. But beyond the question of our spaces and our culture, lesbians face an existential anxiety that we may be too small a minority to be surrounded by our people. Many of us have probably spent a sleepless night or two wondering if we’ll ever find our dream girl. In a world where such a small percentage of women are gay, and an even smaller percentage we are truly attracted to, and an even SMALLER percentage live within a reasonable driving distance, it can feel pretty bleak sometimes. But we believe in you! We believe in lesbian love! 

Give it a listen here, or anywhere you subscribe to podcasts, and make sure you let us know what you think in the comments or on social media.

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