Batwoman S2E16 Recap: Rebirth

Welcome back, Batwoman lesbians! We’re here covering the 16th episode of Season 2, Rebirth. Hold on to your hats, this one is a doozy!

Batwoman — “Rebirth” — Image Number: BWN216fg_0001r — Pictured: Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

We open up on a man walking with a brief case, hopping into his car. At that same moment, a Ninja shows up and stabs him… what? Then Batwoman shows up to save the day, and as she does, the Ninja flees. Ryan tries to call the Batcave to get help saving the briefcase swinging man, but no one answers.

Cut to Luke sitting on the edge of the Batcave’s building and Ryan swooping in to ask him what he’s doing. Luke says he needs some time to be alone.

Meanwhile, Roman aka Black Mask is fuming over Jacob Kane being seen as a saint after closing down the Crows. At that moment, Safiyah (!!!) walks in and says she knows what he did to Kate (making her his daughter) and that she needs to use Kate for her own agenda. Roman shows Safiyah how “Circe” is going to be the new face of Rebirth Cosmetics. Yikes. It all makes sense now. Roman then tells Safiyah that Alice gave Kate Circe’s face, and Safiyah panics, telling him that Alice is Kate’s sister…

Batwoman — “Rebirth” — Image Number: BWN216fg_0007r — Pictured: Wallis Day as Circe — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Speaking of, Alice and Jacob are now working together to save Kate. They find her and kidnap her. More on that later.

Ryan is at a government safe house looking for the Ninja. As Ryan explores, she finds someone dead in one of the rooms and is attacked by the Ninja. Come to find out the Ninja is none other than Safiyah’s henchwoman, Tati.

Back to Jacob and Alice – they are working to figure out how to restore Kate’s memory without the secret password. Ocean comes in and brags on Alice to Jacob, and they talk briefly about what Alice went through as a child.

Batwoman — “Rebirth” — Image Number: BWN216fg_0017r — Pictured (L-R): Rachel Skarsten as Alice, Nathan Owens as Ocean and Dougray Scott as Commander Jacob Kane — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Mary are in the Batcave trying to track down Tati and thus, Safiyah. However, when they open their GPS system, they see that Luke is at a poker bar. Cut to Luke sitting at the bar talking to none other than ex-officer Tavaroff (you know, the officer who shot Luke.)

Jacob and Alice are still trying to get Kate’s memories back by showing her some of her personal items. As Alice hands Kate a mug she had once made her, Kate starts to remember trying to find Alice as a child.

Ryan comes to confront Luke for his poker gameplay, and Luke tells her that he wanted to die and is upset that she and Mary had saved him. In that moment, Kane calls Mary and tells her that her sister is alive. He says that Kate was brainwashed to be Circe, and Mary warns him to be careful because they found that Circe is linked to Safiyah. Kane is attacked by False Faces and soon Alice is too, by Tati — at the last second, Batwoman swoops in and saves only Kate.

Batwoman — “Rebirth” — Image Number: BWN216fg_0091r — Pictured: Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Back at the poker bar, Luke and Tav are playing a game with a man who seems to be on Luke’s side. Luke wins, the mic drops, and he’s out of there.

Black Mask, aka Roman, has Kane now — he says that the world is going to know that Alice is Kane’s daughter Beth, and Kane is arrested for aiding a criminal. Ugh.

Tav meets Luke outside the bar and punches him, saying he knew Luke was really coming for a fight. The random nice man from before comes out and stops the fight, ending it with Tav. The man sits with Luke and talks to him about the death of his father and says he is in Gotham to get his brain checked out. The Bat-signal is lit up around that time, and it’s for Luke, so he leaves.

Ryan brings Kate to see Mary for the first time, and Kate doesn’t remember her. However, when Sophie walks in to the room to see Kate, Kate runs to her and hugs her tight. *screams in lesbian*

Alice is being held hostage by Safiyah’s people, but the news is playing in the background. Jacob is being arrested, and when asked for comment, he tells the reporters to understand that Alice is a product of her childhood and the abuse she faced. He says that when they think of the crimes Alice has done, to remember Beth. Alice is touched by this, but is soon confronted by Safiyah.

Mary and Ryan tell Luke they plan to give Safiyah the Desert Rose in exchange for Alice so that Alice can help restore Kate’s memory. This is the first time Luke hears that Kate is actually alive.

Ryan (as Batwoman) shows up to where Safiyah and Alice are, and offers Safiyah the Desert Rose. Safiyah accepts, but Alice realizes that Tati is gone. She confront Safiyah, and knows that Tati has gone after Ocean… Instead of going with Batwoman, Alice decides to go find Ocean and make sure he is still alive.

Sophie and Kate are at Kate’s old apartment, and Kate has a hard time discerning what is going on in her mind. Circe is still coming forward. Kate asks Sophie to get her alcohol out of her office drawer, and Sophie leaves.

Alice goes to find Ocean, and is attacked by Tati on the way. Alice then kills Tati, turning around to discover that Tati has already stabbed Ocean… this time for real.

Mary and Kane talk from jail, and Kane tells her that she is the only hope in saving both of her sisters. Mary is reluctant, but Kane reminds her that Alice is not the devil that she thinks.

Ryan takes Luke to the apartment to see Kate again, but stops him. She says that she is happy she saved his life, and won’t apologize for it. Luke hugs her. They go up to the apartment to see Kate, only to find out that Kate bailed while Sophie was getting her a drink.

Kate had gone to see Black Mask, confronting him about really being Kate Kane. Roman lies and says that is not the case, and Kate stabs him, asking for the truth. In that moment, Safiyah walks in and tells Roman to let Kate have the choice of who she wants to be.

And we black out.

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