Batwoman Recap S2E3: Bat Girl Magic!


Batwoman — “Bat Girl Magic!” — Image Number: BWN203b_0001r — Pictured: Javicia Leslie as Batwoman — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 202 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights

Buckle up, Batwoman lesbians! We have your weekly recap of the latest Batwoman episode, “Bat Girl Magic!” and it’s better than ever.

You down?

We open up to a random guy chillin in his hotel bed, his girlfriend is in the bathtub in the next room. There’s a knock on the door and the guy answers it, saying he didn’t order any room service. However, the man at the door breaks in and then proceeds to fight the guy, because he was cheating on his wife. The man kills both the guy and his mistress, placing them on the bed together holding hands; we find out he was hired by the guy’s wife to do so.

The killer marks his body with a knife, and it’s revealed that he does that for all of his kills, and almost has no space left on his skin. Yikes. The killer’s name is Victor.

We hop over now to some sort of deal happening in an alley, and that’s when Batwoman (Ryan) jumps in to say hello. Ryan doesn’t stick the landing, unfortunately, and has trouble with her Batwoman costume. The vibe is overall pretty awkward. Then Ryan leaves the crime scene early to meet with her parole officer.

Jump to Mary in her lab working with a patient; Ryan rushes in and tells Mary that her phone is about to ring and to say, “yes.” Mary answers the phone only to find out that it’s Ryan’s parole officer, asking if Mary hired her to work at The Hold Up (the bar Mary owns.) Mary says yes and hangs up the phone, then offering Ryan the real gig.

Batwoman — “Bat Girl Magic!” — Image Number: BWN203b_0343r — Pictured (L-R): Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton and Javicia Leslie as Batwoman — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Next, we hop over to Kane’s office; he is talking about injectable snake bites and how he wants to get rid of them for the healthy of Gotham. Someone comes in to let Kane know that they found Kate’s phone, but they can’t unlock it. Kane asks for Sophie, knowing she may have the password.

In a beautiful segu, we head over to find Sophie waking up on a random beach next to Alice. (Remember they got kidnapped by Safiyah’s people last episode?) We now find out that getting kidnapped was Alice’s plan all along, and Sophie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whoops.

Safiyah sends Tatiana to get Alice; Alice plans to kill Safiyah when she sees her, and is literally taken right to her.

Meanwhile at Hamilton Dynamics, our favorite killer-for-hire Victor has arrived on the scene. He kills some random lab tech guy to cop some info off of the lab’s computer.

Luke is at the Batcave combing over the footage of Victor in the lab, and he finds out that Ryan has a new job at Mary’s bar (he’s NOT happy about this.) However, there’s no time to waste, and Ryan reveals she knows exactly who Victor is because they “ran in the same circles.” Ryan jets out, and Luke and Mary begin to track Victor down.

Next thing we know, we’re back with Alice and Safiyah. Alice thinks Safiyah is going to poison her, but instead we find out that Alice used to be Safiyah’s student. Safiyah tells Alice she did not burn down Kate’s plane, and that someone was trying to pit them against each other. Interesting…

Ryan heads to Victor’s apartment (Luke and Mary must have tracked him down?) to find any information on him that they can; however, Victor happens to be home and confronts Ryan, as Batwoman. He tells her that she doesn’t seem to be Batwoman herself, rather playing the part. Victor tries to shoot Ryan, who narrowly escapes… with a list of names she found on his desk.

Batwoman — “Bat Girl Magic!” — Image Number: BWN203b_0001r — Pictured (L – R): Javicia Leslie as Batwoman and Alex Morf as Victor Zsasz — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights

That list of names happened to be Victor’s next targets. Ryan offers Mary and Luke to meet with Victor, as herself, and pretend to hire him for a hit. Mary gives Ryan the money, and she leaves to go catch the killer.

Ryan finds Victor at a restaurant and sits down across from him; she introduces herself as Angelique Martin’s ex, and when Victor hears that he immediately opens the floor for her. (Okay, we NEED to hear more about Angelique and Ryan together?!!!) Victor mentions their breakup and how brutal it was, and Ryan shifts the conversation into the task at hand. Ryan asks Victor to kill Alice, to which he declines. Come to find out, Luke was hacking into Victor’s phone this whole time and finds out that Safiyah is his boss.

Jump cut to Safiyah and Alice chatting once again. Alice mentions that in the past she had ripped off Victor and lied to him to hire him to kill someone for her.

Now we’re back with Sophie on the beach, who asks Tatiana (Safiyah’s henchwoman) why Alice is still alive. According to Tatiana, Safiyah is a just and fair ruler, and Alice had broken the cardinal rule of the island — Alice left with the Desert Rose, locally grown on the island, a cure-all and a poison that the world had not yet known about. Alice exposed the Desert Rose by giving it to Mary to save Gotham last episode…

Speaking of Mary, she and Luke are trying to track down Safiyah. However, they argue about Ryan. Mary thinks Ryan should be permanent, but Luke says no because he’s still holding out hope that Kate will return. This causes major tension between the two.

Ryan, meanwhile, is looking at the Batwoman suit in dismay. You can feel the disconnect between her and the suit in its current state.

Mary is back at the lab now, working in her office. Her assistant comes in and tells her that their patient from before, Roxanne, has been completely cured from cancer. Mary is shocked, until remembering that Roxanne had received the Desert Rose. At that moment, Victor comes in and kills Mary’s assistant; he had come for Mary since she disrupted the Desert Rose. Mary calls the Batcave, and runs the hell out of there.

Mary and Victor are in the alley now, and Batwoman drops in once again, but in a NEW SUIT. Bat Girl Magic, Ryan has transformed the suit to reflect who she really is. Victor takes notice of this, and the two fight, ultimately with Ryan knocking him out and saving Mary.

Batwoman — “Bat Girl Magic!” — Image Number: BWN203b_0188r — Pictured: Javicia Leslie as Batwoman — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Speaking of fighting, it looks like Sophie and Tatiana are about to go at it. Tatiana says there’s no need for Sophie to be there if she is against Alice, because Safiyah wants Alice to be able to roam the city on her side.

A short while away, Alice and Safiyah are chatting… again. Alice misses Kate, and Safiyah notes that they used to be very close. Alice tries to kill Safiyah here, but Safiyah reveals in the heat of the moment that she has Kate’s necklace. Could Kate actually be alive?

Then somehow Safiyah and Alice are magically breaking up the fight between Sophie and Tatiana. Safiyah is impressed by Sophie’s ability to take down Tatiana, she almost flirts with her? We’re here for it. Then Safiyah tells Alice that she has to leave in order for Kate to be transported to the island. Hmm.

We head now to Ryan’s parole office, where she tells her officer that she has a job locked down, but not a home yet…

Sophie and Alice wake up on the street in Gotham. Alice reveals to Sophie that Kate is alive, and they have to play it straight to stay on Safiyah’s good side. (!!!)

Batwoman — “Bat Girl Magic!” — Image Number: BWN203b_0358r — Pictured (L-R): Rachel Skarsten as Alice and Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Luke heads to The Hold Up to chat with Ryan – he apologizes for not taking her seriously. Luke gives Ryan a red bat symbol for her suit, and the two make up. In contrast, Luke goes to chat with Mary who is not so forgiving; essentially, the two agree to disagree about Kate coming back and leave it at that.

We now see Kane in his office, looking through Kate’s phone. He comes across a photo of a painting labeled “Safiyah?” Sophie walks in and Kane asks about the painting, Sophie then tells him that she thinks Kate is, in fact, alive.

Roll credits.

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