Batwoman Recap S2E9: Rule #1

If you thought the Batwoman craziness was over after Episode 8, well strap in Batwoman lesbians! This one is a doozy.

Batwoman — “Rule #1” — Image Number: BWN209fg_0009r — Pictured (L-R): Christina Wolfe as Julia Pennyworth, Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore and Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

We open up to Kate Kane’s funeral, after her body parts had been discovered in the last episode. They had matched her DNA to multiple body part, thus proclaiming her dead. In the background, Ryan’s voice is reading a goodbye letter to Kate; she can’t go to the funeral and expose her identity.

However, as Kate’s door closes, Ryan’s opens and she is officially Batwoman.

Cut to a Black Masked Man standing over the body we saw at the end of the episode last week – he addresses the body (who’s living, just barely) as Kate Kane (!!!)

On the news, the Gotham Police confirm that they are taking the dangerous drug, Snake Bite, off the streets. Or trying to, anyway. A young Black woman approaches the police officer and confronts him about killing Black men in the city, to which he dismisses and brushes off.

Ryan and Mary are now eating breakfast together at their apartment, and none other than Angelique shows up to chat. She tells Ryan that she’s getting out of the drug game because she wants to be with her *squeals in lesbian*.

Batwoman — “Rule #1” — Image Number: BWN209fg_0023r — Pictured (L-R): Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder and Bevin Bru as Angelique — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Where’s Alice during all this? She is alone in a room going insane, of course. Alice starts to hallucinate her sister, Kate Kane, as a child talking to her. But more on that later.

Back on the streets of Gotham, the Commissioner is shot and killed by a group of Black Masked people, and the young woman from before observed and saw the entire thing go down.

At the Batcave, Mary and Luke are trying to track down the gang that killed the commissioner. On social media, Mary finds the young woman’s graffiti tag signature, as she had been tagging the capitol building the night the commissioner was shot. They find out her name was Jordyn, and realize that she may be related to none other than our resident Lesbian Crow, Sophie.

Jump to Sophie talking to Jordyn; they get attacked by the Masked Gang, and Ryan (as Batwoman) shows up and starts kicking ass. Jordyn tells Ryan what went down, and says the getaway driver had a gold key bracelet on, which reminds Ryan of someone…

Alice is still over here talking to her delusion, aka pre-teen Kate. Anyway.

Ryan confronts Angelique, who she knew drove the getaway car. Why? The gold key bracelet Ryan gave her, of course. Ang says that it was her last job before they were going to let her quit. Ryan says she can protect Ang, because she “knows” Batwoman.

Ryan heads to tell Luke and Mary the plan; Mary is not on board with buying Angelique any time, and wants to turn her in to the police.

Batwoman — “Rule #1” — Image Number: BWN209fg_0013r — Pictured: Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Cut to Kane talking to Julia; He believes Kate was murdered, and wants Julia to keep digging.

Sophie and Jordyn head to the local gay bar, the one Ryan works at. They order drinks, and Jordyn challenges Ryan about crime in Gotham and how to stop it, saying Batwoman is no different than the police. Jordyn says she’s going to start up a community center, and has other ideas on how to save the city.

As Jordyn and Sophie take a seat, Jordyn tried to set Sophie up with Ryan, which we’re kind of living for??? Meanwhile, Luke calls Sophie and they talk about Luke helping Sophie — Mary, however, still wants to out Ang.

Mary and Luke ultimately decide that Ryan should go talk to Angelique, but when she gets to her place, everything had been trashed and Ang was nowhere to be found. Turns out, the Black Masks kidnapped her and were torturing her for wanting to get out of the drug world. They say they will kill her if she tries to leave.

Ryan finds Ang and the False Face Society; Ryan fights the FFS, and she gets knocked out. When she comes to, she’s in the torture room, tied up. Black Mask guy says that Batwoman killed his daughter, and Ryan would be paying for it. He turns on the blade to saw Ryan in half, and in that moment Sophie steps in and knocks the guy out.

Batwoman — “Rule #1” — Image Number: BWN209b_0243r — Pictured: Javicia Leslie as Batwoman — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Ryan (still as Batwoman) steps in to save Ang, and she and Sophie agree to protect her at all costs. Our question is: how does Ang NOT recognize Ryan? Anyway…

Julia is investigating Kate’s plane crash and calls up some people involved; they says she had already called them, but Julia had no recollection of this.

At the Batcave, Ryan lays down some rules to Mary and Luke about the three of them being a team. Ryan asks them if they would be willing to help Jordyn build the Community Center, and they all say yes.

Oh, Alice? She’s still hallucinating; she dug up her dead cat and thought it was alive. In this moment, she decides she’s going to completely forget her sister ever existed, and finally acknowledges that she’s having a psychotic break. Whew.

The Black Mask guy is with what we presume is Kate’s body. He invites Enigma in to the room, to wipe Kate’s memory completely and potentially change her face…

Roll credits.

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