And the August 2013 Book Club selection is…

Our first bona fide tie ever! Both Nicola Griffith’s Ammonite and Tamora Pierce’s The Will of the Empress scored exactly equal votes. So take your pick!

For your easy purchasing pleasure, here are links for Ammonite at Amazon for paperback or Kindle, at Barnes & Noble, Powell’s (there are some good used copy prices here), and IndieBound.

For Will of the Empress: Amazon for paperback or Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s. And as always, I encourage hitting up your local libraries!

You can share your thoughts on any selection (including Privilege of the Sword)  throughout the month at our Goodreads group page, and be updated on lesbianic literary news by following our Tumblr. I’ll post my own thoughts and discussion questions for both novels at the end of the month. Happy reading!