YA Novels With Lesbian and Bisexual Characters

Lesbian-Themed YA Novels for Youth and Adults Alike

This is by no means a complete list of every YA novel for lesbian and bi girls, but it’s the longest list we have available on the site. Please comment with your suggestions and we will continue to update this database.

Happy Endings Are All Alike, Sandra Scoppettone (1978)
“Part mystery thriller, part love story,” in-love teens Peggy and Jaret are caught in a hate crime plot. Recently brought back into print by Lizzie Skurnick Books.

Hey, Dollface, Deborah Hautzig (1978)
Val and Chloe become close friends at prep school, and soon begin to wonder if they’re more than that.

Annie on My Mind, Nancy Garden (1982)
After meeting at the Met, Nancy and Liza explore New York City together and their relationship grows. But they have to deal with the fallout when their romance is discovered.

Am I Blue? Coming Out From the Silence, edited by Marion Dane Bauer (1994)
The first collection of short stories by prominent YA authors specifically for and about queer kids. Winner of a Stonewall and Lambda Award.

Good Moon Rising, Nancy Garden (1996)
Kerry and Janna fall in love while rehearsing a school play, and fight back against the homophobia they face.

Dare Truth or Promise, Paula Boock (1997)
When confident Louie and troubled Willa meet during their senior year of high school, all of their ideas about their futures and who they are change. Winner of the New Zealand Post’s Children’s Books of the Year.

Kissing the Witch, Emma Donoghue (1997)
Thirteen re-told fairy tales are woven together in a magically gay way.

The Necessary Hunger, Nina Revoyr (1997)
Nancy and Raina are two basketball stars whose lives will soon be colliding in more ways than one, “set against a backdrop of racial tension between the Asian American and African American communities of Los Angeles.”

The House You Pass On the Way, Jacqueline Woodson (1997)
Loner Staggerlee finally finds a friend when her cousin Trout comes to visit. But is Trout who Staggerlee thinks she is?

Girl Walking Backwards, Bett Williams (1998)
Skye falls in love with the “gothic punk” Jessica, but then discovers her boyfriend having sex with Jessica at a rave. Skye clearly has a lot to figure out.

The Year They Burned the Books, Nancy Garden (1999)
Jamie Crawford has not only written an op-ed in her school newspaper about making condoms available to high schoolers, she’s also coming out as a lesbian. Oh, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie.