Renee Montoya Returns for DC’s “Convergence”

Geeks rejoice! Renee Montoya is coming back to comics! Renee will be returning in The Question #1, as a part of DC’s Convergence miniseries, which will re-introduce Montoya along with several other characters we haven’t seen since the New 52 launched. The series will be written by fan favorite Greg Rucka, who wrote Renee’s character in Gotham Central and Detective Comics, as well as Batwoman: Elegy, which many consider to be one of the greatest queer comic book storylines ever. He’ll be joined by artist Cully Hamner, who previously drew Renee in the Detective Comics series.


The two-issue storyline finds a pre-New 52 Montoya going up against Two-Face and rooming with Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress. It will be exciting to see Montoya back in action, especially considering she’s been missing from the Gotham TV series for several weeks now. Rucka is especially excited to returning to the character again. In an interview with Comic Vine news, he says:

“I love the evolution of the characters—both Renee and the Question. Never mind that the aesthetic is awesome, I really love the growth from a Randian hero to a Zen investigator to a queer detective. I think there’s something beautiful in that legacy, in what it says about how our world has changed and grown. But talking about Renee specifically, I love her growth as a woman, as a character.”


The return of Renee Montoya, coupled with the announcement of Catwoman’s bisexuality, seems to bode well for the future of DC’s queer characters. Many queer fans are still upset with the disastrous ending of the Batwoman Detective series, and the editor’s refusal to allow a Kate Kane/Maggie Sawyer wedding. Hopefully, Convergence will usher in a new era that celebrates our queer superheroines instead of disappointing their fans.

Convergence The Question #1 is available today where comics are sold.