Lesbian-inclusive new comic series “Bombshells” gives DC heroines a retro twist

*Contains mild spoilers for DC Comics Bombshells

I’ve loved comic books for as long as I can remember but admittedly, my affection for them has waned over the years as I often struggled to find comics that really spoke to me. The new series Bombshells by DC Comics not only re-ignited that spark, but practically made me swoon out of my desk chair. I am a sucker for period pieces first and foremost, and Bombshells takes great DC characters Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Maggie Sawyer and more and puts them in 1940. In the first issue, World War II is underway and Kate Kane (Batwoman) is a crime-fighting baseball player who lives with her girlfriend, Detective Maggie Sawyer. Their relationship is brought to life in panels beautifully illustrated by Marguerite Sauvage (Ms. Marvel, Fresh Romance). Written by Marguerite Bennett (Batman, Batgirl, A-Force) the series pays homage to the ’40s with great fun, without ever seeming contrived. 

The hair! The clothing! The turns of speech! It’s all spot on and completely delightful. Watching Batwoman take out a thug with nothing but a well aimed baseball is pretty epic. There’s a moment where Maggie and Kate are talking about their future, when we are also privy to their past, as seen by pictures on the wall. They joke, they cuddle, they take a shower together (not actually seen, sorry). But Kate, being the superhero she is, needs more than a life of roughing up petty criminals and beating the Rockland Peaches. She craves adventure. At the end of the first issue, Kate and Maggie are offered an opportunity to have just that.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.48.47 AM

The second issue of Bombshells features everyone’s favorite Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman actually first appeared in 1941, so this issue is basically her original backstory. The Amazons are furious that the air war happening above Themyscira is raining down destruction on their peaceful utopia. Like in the original, Wonder Woman (neé Princess Diana) comes across Steve Trevor and spares his life. This issue didn’t quite crackle like the first, but maybe that’s because it simply felt so familiar. However, it’s still great to see Wonder Woman in all her glory.

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The next issue of Bombshells (out August 8th) will feature Supergirl and her origin story except this time, she’s a Russian fighter pilot. Holy cats!

Overall, Bombshells is a must read. Gorgeous artwork combined with smart writing, plus more heroines than you could even dream of. It’s enough to make a gal fall in love with comics again.

You can find Bombshells at your local comic book store on August 12th or online now at Cosmixology.