‘The Ultimate Lesbian Guide To’ is a Self-Help Book Series That Centers Lesbians

The Ultimate Lesbian Guide to: Getting Over Your Ex is the first in this series of books and provides a deeper understanding of the process and struggles of a lesbian breakup.

Finally, someone has written a series of self-help books catered specifically to lesbians. As we all know, the majority of self-help books cater to the hetero world we live in, and even when the LGBT community is acknowledged, lesbians are largely ignored. The Ultimate Lesbian Guide to: is a series of self-help books that actually centers the lesbian experience, and it’s about time.  Short, accessible and digestible, these books provide individual guidance and encourages readers to work in collaboration with the author to find their own best techniques for healing and growth. Lesbian style.

From the author:

“It is my firm belief that one of the greatest challenges of separating with a romantic partner is the loss of a part of ourselves. Each relationship calls forth a different combination of our characteristics and we become accustomed to seeing ourselves through the gaze of our romantic partner. It can often be the struggle with a lost sense of self that leads to a difficulty in moving past the breakup. This is true for the breakup of any relationship, but lesbian relationships are even more emotionally entangled, which is why an individualized approach to healing is vital. The Ultimate Lesbian Guide to: Getting Over Your Ex provides the framework for an individual healing processes to begin. It is my hope that these books provide both the space for Lesbians to take ownership of their personal healing process and to spark conversations on social platforms connecting lesbians across the world to engage in self-care conversations.

-Mallory Muffman, author

Available in Kindle and paperback, this book officially goes on sale  February 17th, 2018 and, as bonus to the launch,  the first 50 copies are free!

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