From the Archives: ‘Love Letters To Jane’s World’ Pays Tribute To The First Lesbian Comic Strip

This essential Jane’s World collection debuted in October 2018,  twenty years after Jane Wyatt first appeared in Paige Braddock’s trailblazing comics strip about a young lesbian woman making her clumsy way in the world and the friends who help (or hinder) her along the journey.

Jane’s World was the first syndicated comic strip with a lesbian main character to appear in many major newspaper markets. The new volume collects the most quintessentially “Jane” storylines from the strip’s early, middle, and later years, and pairs them with “love letters” and notes of appreciation from notable fans.

Jane has been sharing her life in comics for twenty years. Jane has stumbled into romance, washed up on an uncharted island inhabited by sexy Amazons in San Francisco Bay, been abducted by aliens from outer space, been downsized, taken road trips with a carload of exes, and so much more. It’s almost impossible to pick highlights from a twenty-year storyline – in fact, it is impossible. But here are a few of my favorite moments from Jane’s World:

Jane goes to see a therapist to solve her romantic failings and ends up in a past life regression.

A trust exercise with Jane’s friends doesn’t go so well.

Almost any problem can be solved with donuts.

Jane decides to ask Chelle to help her out. But that bad decision is not why I like this strip. Sometimes a favorite moment is about the visuals more than the story. I always loved this last panel.

Dorothy decides Jane needs a life coach. The first session didn’t go so well, big surprise.

Jane’s ex from college shows up unexpectedly and a lot has changed.

Fun with fortune cookies.

The inverted Lesbian Dating Pyramid. I’m pretty sure it’s a thing.

Jane is on a camping trip with her ex and has to face her own shortcomings. And yes, that is a meteorite in the background.

Mixed signals in the great outdoors.

The newspaper where Jane worked hired zombies to save on health care costs (because they’re already dead). Unfortunately, the zombies set the building on fire. Jane, Archie, and Dorrie are forced to work in a small trailer near the burned-out building.

It’s a long story, but there is a Beta version of Jane AND a badass Jane doppelganger in an alternative reality. They briefly collide and join forces to save Jane…

Jane takes a part-time job at an animal shelter where she’s required to wear a dog suit to raise awareness for pet adoption.

Jane finally begins to come to terms with her feelings for Dorothy…