The Weekly Geek: A cancer survivor inspires a superhero

If you are in need of an uplifting, nerdy pick-me-up, we’ve got the story for you. In order to celebrate his wife’s success over cancer, concept artist Ron Miller created a kick-ass series of images depicting his wife as a pulpy space warrior, reigning justice over nasty creatures — and cancer.

He created Captain Judikha (his wife’s name is Judith) and depicts her in all manner of dorky glory, using serious photo manipulation skills and a knack for getting the old school pulp aesthetic just right.

From io9:

My wife, Judith, successfully overcame a bout with cancer this past year (for the second time in 20 years). To celebrate her victory and her heroism, I came up with this series of pictures (and the accompanying serialized story). It’s all based on a persona and costume she invented some years ago, which she wore to several sci fi conventions. Captain Judikha herself was a tip of the hat to the heroines who graced the covers of old pulp magazines like Planet Stories.

Cancer is public enemy number one, as far as many folks are concerned, and the worst part for so many folks is the helplessness — unless you are an oncologist (and even sometimes if you are) there isn’t much you can do about the disease. So using the power of art (and geekiness!) to celebrate a serious victory — and in other cases, to help the patient feel better/stronger/more beautiful — is a heroic gesture right on par with the fearless Captain’s exploits.

Miller and Judith (Judikha) are heroes all around, in real life and in a weird and wonderful fantasy world. In this case, art imitates life.