Afternoon Delight: Pink’s new album announcement, Tina Fey’s “Real Estate” rap

Good afternoon!

Happy birthday to Eva Green, Edie Falco, Katherine Helmond, Shirley Knight and Jillian Armenante!

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Dreama Walker stars in the “inspired by true events” disturbing film Compliance.


Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi have made an Alexander McQueen-inspired 220-pound rainbow ballgown consisting of 50,000 gummy bears. Why? Who cares, it’s made of candy!

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Jane Lynch appeared before a live audience at Portland’s Third Rail Repertory Theater and spoke about growing up gay in Chicago. Lynch discussed her high school years by saying, “I was happy with everybody… I didn’t let anybody get too close. I wasn’t brave enough to be myself. At that time I knew I was gay. And it was, as far as I was concerned and society was concerned, a sickness and a curse.”

Gloria Estefan (Glee) is on the cover of Latina magazine.

Tina Fey is featured in the rap song “Real Estate.” Fey’s NSFW vocals start at the 4:59 mark. My favorite rhyme Fey spits is, “My President’s black and my Prius is blue, mothertherf–ker!” Why is Fey so angry?


If you’re a premium subscriber to the lesbian video site Tellofilms, check out the McManusLand outtakes/blooper reel from Season 2, starring Cat Davis, Ali Davis and SheWired‘s editor-in-chief Tracy Gilchrist.

Pink has announced that her new album “The Truth About Love” will drop September 18. Are you excited? p.s. Nice boob tape.


Lesbian/Bi Tweet of the Day!

Earlier this week, some a-hole burglarized Jillian Michaels‘s home and stole her Bentley. Michaels took to twitter to thank for fans and put everything into perspective.