Morning Brew: Sneak peeks at “The Real L Word” and “Pretty Little Liars,” Prop. 8 heads to the Supreme Court

Good morning, Brewbies! Let’s check in with our lesbian Olympians, shall we?

The Dutch field hockey team — a.k.a. “The Gayest Team Ever Assembled” — pulled down another win yesterday, besting Japan 3-2. As I mentioned in Brew on Monday, the team is comprised of four lesbian ladies: Marilyn Agliotti, Maartje Paumen, Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel, and Kim Lammers.

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In her doubles tennis match, Lisa Raymond (and tennis partner Liezel Huber) beat their Polish opponents in straight sets.

Megan Rapinoe and the US Women’s soccer team clinched first place in Group G 1-0 win over North Korea. They advance to the quarterfinals where they’ll meet New Zealand on Friday.

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Sweden’s women’s soccer team — led by lesbian ladies Hedvig Lindahl
, Lisa Dahlkvist, and Jessica Landstrom — tied with Canada 2-2, placing them in a first place tie overall with Japan in Group F going into the quarters.

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Prop. 8 has finally landed on the steps of the Supreme Court. After being struck down as unconstitutional twice already — once in US District Court in 2010 and again earlier this year by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — supporters of Prop. 8 filed a petition to make their case heard before the highest court in the land. Four judges must agree to review the lower court ruling (which feels pretty inevitable at this point). In a statement to the press, attorney David Boies said:

The Supreme Court has long held that the freedom to marry is one of the most fundamental rights — if not the most fundamental right — of all Americans. Today’s petition presents the justices with the chance to affirm our Constitution’s central promises of liberty, equality, and human dignity.

All signs point to DOMA being heard by the Supreme Court this year too.

Check out this sneak peek of next week’s The Real L Word:

And check out this sneak peek from next week’s Pretty Little Liars:

Chucks? Check. Plaid shirt? Check. Devastating news about her dead girlfriend? Check. Just another gay ol’ day for Emily Fields.

Tiphany Adams of Push Girls has written a blog post for HuffPo called “No Labels, Please.”

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Here’s an excerpt:

Living with paralysis. Bisexual. Blonde. Woman. Is that who I really am?

I just can’t stand the idea of being labeled. Yeah, I know we all do it. It is just an easy way to define people. As I live with paralysis, I realize that labels are more confining than my wheelchair. And I now know how damaging a label can be — it simply conjures stereotypes or warped assumptions of who a person is. Why can’t I just be labeled Tiphany? Not “disabled, bisexual” Tiphany.

There’s a lot of food for thought in that column.

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