AfterEllen Huddle: Best-dressed lesbian characters

After Trish Bendix‘s conversation with Pretty Little Liars costume designer Mandi Line, we’ve been thinking a lot about our favorite lesbian trendsetters. So, this week our writers are weighing in on the question: Who do you think is the best-dressed lesbian character ever?

Lucy Hallowell: For me it came down to two ladies who look good in their work clothes, Bette Porter (The L Word) and Sam Murray (Lip Service). While, Sam’s off duty clothes might be more my style, and she has elevated the use of the vest to a new level, I have to give it to Bette Porter. Some of it has to do with the fact that who is more gorgeous than Jennifer Beals but has anyone rocked a suit more than Bette Porter and been able to make a tank top look that good? No. Her wardrobe also perfectly encapsulated her character: classy, tough, unflinching, controlled. The moments when we saw her in anything but her badass best we knew there was a reason and that we were going to see another side of her.

Ali Davis: Corky from Bound. I like a woman with a certain practicality.

Emily Donofrio: I appreciate Portia de Rossi for being the non “lipstick” version of a femme and just being an all around stylish dresser and classy broad. I feel like she was the first really and truly visible femme; it showed the world that their idea of what a lesbian was supposed to look like was probably incorrect and for that, I thank her. I feel like looks of shock have settled down in the last few years when folks find out I’m a wild homo and it’s partially due to visibility femme women like her have provided.

Heather Hogan: This season on Community Troy got injected with some truth serum and he just started confessing all this stuff, like: “I’m more turned on by women in pajamas than lingerie! I just wanna know they feel comfortable!” A quote which is basically a window into my soul. So, for me, this millisecond scene from TLW credits is my favorite costume design of all time.

TheLinster: Kalinda Sharma rocks every outfit she wears. But the way she looks in leather makes cows in heaven weep in joy that they have such a legacy.

Dara Nai: While women in power suits never hurt anyone, when I’m around them, I feel like we should be discussing quarterly earnings, my MRI scans, or a plea deal. I prefer a woman who spends more on a pair of shoes than most schlubs spend on rent. You will not find sexier eye candy than bisexual murderess, Catherine Tramell, from Basic Instinct and Basic Instinct 2. Yeah, OK, she’s completely psycho and will plant an ice pick in your face just cuz, but she looks good doing it.

Bridget McManus: I’m going Xena because I wish I could pull off wearing a costume like that everyday. I also love Pam’s S&M gear on True Blood. She scares me and I like it.

Trish Bendix: I coveted every single piece Caitlin owned on Cashmere Mafia. The short-lived Sex and the City-esque show had a lesbian character I could get behind because I wanted to get in her pants, quite literally. She was classy with an edge and liked to wear a lot of black. A girl after my own heart!

Mia Jones: I guess I’ll say Frankie from Lip Service because she always seemed cool but comfortable. We both enjoy a stocking cap too.