The Weekly Geek: Superman Plus Wonder Woman

First, Catwoman and Batman had a love scene. Then, Kate Kane (Batwoman)’s own lesbian romance has, in the words of AE editor Heather Hogan, “progressed beautifully.” Now, it seems that Superman and Wonder Woman are “officially” an item. Love is in the air with DC Comics’ New 52 line, yes?

The news about Supes and Wonder Woman came down yesterday, with the reveal of the cover of Justice League #12, set to hit on August 29th.

According to a story at MTV Geek, the folks behind the move are committed to making the romance integral into the new storyline:

I know exactly what you’re thinking — you’ve seen it all before. The flirting between the two. The “imaginary stories.” But Justice League writer Geoff Johns insists it’s the real deal: “This is the new status quo.”

Even better, they’re embracing the controversy sure to accompany the move:

will the new romance, which the comics publisher promises ‘will have a seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the DC universe,’ seriously upset fans? After all, before the “New 52” initiative, Superman and Lois Lane were married for quite a while. One need only think back to the furor over the “One More Day” storyline in “Amazing Spider-Man,” when longtime loves Peter Parker and Mary Jane had their marriage essentially annulled by “the Devil” (Mephisto, technically).

Personally, I would have preferred Wonder Woman shacking up with Batwoman, but that’s just me. If she has to be involved in a straight romance (the character is portrayed as straight, so it’s only reasonable, I suppose), it might as well be with the man of steel.

Speaking of totally badass female characters, we won’t be seeing the latest from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo until at least 2014, according to a news item at Entertainment Weekly. Fincher’s production of The Girl Who Played With Fire (easily the best of the books) is still in pre-production, dashing hopes that a 2013 sequel was in the cards. At least Rooney Mara will be back for the second flick (both she and Daniel Craig are “locked in” contractually for movie number two).