New Music Tuesday: Dark Dark Dark, Tori Amos, Cher Lloyd, Free Downloads & More

It’s a rainy day here in NYC and, while I’m not someone traditionally found doing a rain dance, I couldn’t think of a better accompaniment while listening to my number one pick from today’s lineup of new music.

Dark Dark DarkWho Needs Who (Supply and Demand)

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Confession: I have been listening to the previous Dark Dark Dark albums for most of the summer and it might be safe to say I have an addiction. This latest release is a gorgeous and gut-wrenching story of love, loss, yearning and the painful reminder that sometimes the people you want aren’t really the people you need. Singer Nona Marie Invie‘s voice is like a bird in the cuckoo clock of my heart coming out every now and then to say, “It’s heartbreak o’clock!” I pretty much wish I had nothing else to do today besides lighting some candles, lying in bed and listening to this album. You can stream it all over at their Soundcloud page.

Tori AmosGold Dust (Deutsche Grammophon)

Photo of Tori holding a rooster courtesy of Facebook

Amos is one of those classic artists whose worst albums are still better than most other albums being put out. Gold Dust is made up of songs written about conversations the artist has had over the past twenty years very theatrical and ebbs and flows with the lush instrumentals of composer/conductor Jules Buckley‘s  orchestra surrounding her vocals. I wouldn’t use this as a Tori starter-album but for fans of dark classical or operatic music, this is a must-listen.

James Levy & the Blood Red RosePray to Be Free (Heavenly Recordings)
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This collaboration between James Levy and Allison Pierce (of The Pierces) is a mellow, sometimes somber and sometimes playful album reminiscent of the French chanson style of music made famous in-part by one of Levy’s influences, Serge Gainsbourg. There is also a very pop-doo wop vibe which should place them firmly on Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward’s list of bands to tour with if She & Him hits the road again any time soon. I’ll actually be seeing Blood Red Roses tonight at Mercury Lounge so if you’re there, come find me in my little maroon stocking cap and say hello!

Cher LloydSticks & Stones (Sacred Bones Records)

Photo courtesy of Facebook

I just had a really odd moment when I turned into Ke$ha and said out loud to the above photo, “I like your tattoos,” a la “I like your beard.” Obviously, I need to go gargle with a bottle of Jack very soon. Lloyd already has a following in the UK thanks to her X-Factor performances and I’m having a hard time hating on her album even if the templated pop factor is glowing in my ears as though it were coming from a neon sign. It’s almost as though No Doubt, Nicki Minaj, Lily Allen and Karmin were thrown into a blender, finely chopped and served in a chilled CD case. If you’re a fan of most of the artists I just mentioned or any pair of them, this will put a smile on your face.

More Music News:  Bleek Records is offering a free download of their Bleek Records Compilation, featuring a bunch of their artists. Who doesn’t love free music?

Brainstorm‘s “Maybe a Memory” is kind of a Bohemian rocking song I could imagine getting played in college stadiums during ultimate frisbee games. (download via Rolling Stone)

Indie spook-rocking duo Mr. Gnome is offering two free downloads for your listening pleasure. Grab “The Way” and “Watch the City Sail Away.”

I’m sending a special shout out to Moon Duo who also had an album drop today and whose single “Sleepwalker” will take you on a psychedelic trip with some heavy rocking guitar riffs and beats that will get your moon boots moving in a crowd.

If you’re doing your best to keep your chastity belt on, I highly suggest staying far away from the sexsational sounds of Rhye. Their EP, The Fall, will be out next week.

Firstly, if you’re a fan of Dark Dark Dark you should also be listening to Wye Oak. Secondly, Wye Oak’s singer, Jenn Wasner, has started a side project called Flock of Dimes and if this track is any indication, she’s branching out in new directions also worthy of a few spins:

Stream and download this remix of Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” (Style of Eye Remix.)

Frankenmusicians Buke and Gase have a new album coming out soon and are sharing the first single here:

And finally, I’m happy to share the video premiere of Viva‘s song, “A Thousand Horses,” from their new album, Rhinestones and Rust, which comes out next week. The video features some BMX trickery and a view from behind the bicycle handles.


That’s it for this week — thank you for joining me. Until next Tuesday, feel free to follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook or, if you are knowledgeable on the subject, send me a message with good suggestions for places to hang out in New York. I’m still new, lost and looking to explore.