Afternoon Delight: Peirce’s “Carrie” Pushed to Fall 2013, Roseanne Will Rule “Portlandia”

Good afternoon everyone! 

Lady Gaga is pretty excited about the New Year. 

Lena Dunham posed sans pants for V magazine.

The release date for director Kimberly Peirce‘s Carrie remake, starring Chloe Mortez, Julianne Moore and Judy Greer, has been pushed from March to fall 2013. Here’s the official teaser, just to keep you entertained for the next eight or nine months!


Noomi Rapace stars in the thriller Dead Man Down, due out in theaters March 8. 


Take a gander at the latest trailer for Oz: The Great & Powerful.


Roseanne Barr is taking political office! That’s right Barr will become the mayor of Portlandia. (Ok, it’s official. I’m moving to Portlandia immediately!) The show’s co-creator and star Fred Armisen dished to EW on Barr’s new official position, “The mayor of Portland (Kyle MacLachlan) disappears, and through a temp agency, she (Barr) fills in as mayor.” Barr will be mayor for the January 25 and February 1 episodes of the IFC series.

Indiewire posed the important question, “Is TV really as Gay Friendly as We Think it is?” Hmm, I must do some extensive research before I weigh in.

Over the weekend gay professional bowler Scott Norton won the 2012 PBA Chameleon Championship in Las Vegas. Norton teared up and kissed his husband Craig Woodward before accepting his award, which you can see below in the ESPN Broadcast footage.


Access Atlanta ranked the Indigo Girls in their top 10 concert list of 2012, which also included Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith.

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