Afternoon Delight: Kristen Stewart says she’s always been a tomboy, Tina Fey wants to win Best Picture at the Globes

Good afternoon and happy Friday! 

Happy birthday to Julia Ormond, Dot Marie Jones, Charlyne Yi, Dyan Cannon and Kerry Condon

Dot Marie Jones

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Congratulations to Wisconsin’s Democratic U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay member to serve in the United States Senate! Baldwin has been named The Advocate‘s Person of the Year.

Yesterday the one and only Helen Mirren received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I love me some Helen! 

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In an interview with Elle magazine, Kristen Stewart reveals that she’s always been a tomboy (“I wanted to look like my older brother when I was younger. I lived in hand-me-downs and was always borrowing his clothes. My earliest fashion memory is cutting up an old pair of Levi’s and going to careers day at nursery dressed as a rock star.”) and that she gave a leather jacket to Joan Jett (who Stewart portrayed in the film The Runaways).

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Olivia Wilde graces the cover of Women’s Health South Africa. 

Tina Fey is hoping to win the best picture award (all by her lonesome) at this year’s Golden Globe ceremony, airing January 13. Hear Fey’s convincing argument below. 



Remember to tune into The Suze Orman Show on Saturday, January 5 from 9 p.m. to midnight on CNBC. Orman wants you to “start your new year off right by making one move that could boost your long term savings.” She’s also going to tell a caller that they can’t afford a horse farm. (And I’m not kidding.)

Lesbo comedian (I can say that cuz we’re friends) Georgia Ragsdale will be performing her new show Follow You Everywhere: A Memoir, Growing Up and Coming Out in Texas from January 25 thru 27 at the DownStage Theatre (4029 Stone Way N.) in Seattle, Washington.

As mentioned in our American Horror Story: Asylum recap, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson danced their asses off to “The Name Game.” The below clip is quite enjoyable.


Attention residents of Milwaukee! The Ellen Show is changing its time slot. 

Bank of America has been fined $7500 by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for refusing to give a loan to a lesbian couple. The bank denied the couple’s request on the grounds that they believe the two women are not legally related since they are not married.

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Hunter Valentine‘s front woman Kiyomi shared a photo of the band’s chilly rehearsal.