The Weekly Geek: The big finale

Geeks, it’s with a twinge of sadness that I must report that this is the final edition of The Weekly Geek. Since 2009, I’ve been writing this column on a whole host of magical nonsense – mostly sci-fi, videogames, tech, and the representations of women therein – and it’s been a wild (and wonderful) ride the whole way.

Since 2009, I’ve discovered the big, gay-inclusive universe of Mass Effect (and gushed about it repeatedly), Trekked retrospectively, watched more horror and sci-fi than could possibly be good for your brain, read plenty of geek-lit, and dorked out about cute girls in uniform kissing. Occasionally, we’ve even covered topics of real-world importance (the cute girls in uniform kissing counts, for sure, on the count of DADT repeal), like comics as free expression, sexism/misogyny in comics and games, women in science/tech, and yes, LGBT representation in gaming.

Also, somehow, the editors allowed me to make this:

If I might revisit one topic from the past, it’s the queer geek pride list I added here a while back. Being a gay geek can be tough, and it’s worth remembering the Lesbian Geek Bill of Rights.

The right to complain about the over-sexualization of women in comic books and video games, while still enjoying the hotness of said characters.

The right to wear any item of clothing a 1980s’ teenage boy would have thought was “awesome.”

The right to write Xena/Buffy fanfiction and cosplay at conventions, despite the fact that both shows have been RIP for years.

The right to worship Summer Glau, Felicia Day and Tina Fey, and know the details of every project, past present and future, that they are involved in.

The right to use the phrase “I’m going to do a computer search” ironically, if said in a slightly-too-high voice, a la Max from The L Word.

The right to peruse, and laugh at, the w4w “missed connections” on Craigslist at 3 a.m.

The right to secretly wish that the hot young thing with the Justin Bieber haircut that kept giving you the eye on the subway would seek you out in the “w4w” section of Craigslist.

The right to heartily enjoy the shows on Adult Swim, even if they are excessively juvenile and male-oriented, because they make you giggle.

The right to engage in fangirl wars with owners of competing operating systems.

The right to drag your girlfriend to any movie featuring zombies, spaceships, swords and sorcery or British comedy.

I’d like to say a great big thank you for reading, and I’ll close out with the traditional dork goodbye: so long, and thanks for all the fish.