Morning Brew – Thurs. April 4: Rachel Maddow talks DOMA on “The Late Show,” January Jones would have been a lesbian in the ’60s

Good morning!

NBC correspondent Jenna Wolfe has begun blogging about her mommy-to-be experiences for and she wrote that she has received “a few nasty notes” after coming out, but mostly a lot of support. That includes the network, too, who says her recent demotion actually came before she made her lesbian/pregnancy announcement.

Rapper Busta Rhymes hurled some nasty insults at out lesbian Stephanie Vitori when she was unhappy with his service at her Miami burger franchise. WTF?

Jada Pinkett Smith said she’d support her kids Jaden or Willow if they came out as gay. I’d love Jada to be my mom. I’d be like “Remember when you were in Set it Off?”

January Jones told The Evening Standard that, had she lived in the Mad Men era, she’d probably have been gay.

I wouldn’t cope very well. I’m a very independent person, and I would have to work — I would have to be some sort of Peggy-type character [secretary-turned-businesswoman Peggy Olson]. And I wouldn’t be satisfied with being bossed around by a bunch of men. I’d probably have to be a lesbian.

Me too, girl.

Lesbian novelist/screenweriter Laura Goode has co-written a new film starring Circumstance‘s Nikohl Boosheri and featuring Kate French (The L Word) called Farrah Goes Bang. The trailer was just released and it will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival April 19.

Rachel Maddow talked with David Letterman about DOMA last night on The Late Show. Spoiler alert: She looks hot talking.

The paparazzi caught her on her way to the studio yesterday, and it looks like she didn’t mind being photographed with her murse (masculine purse).

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