Morning Brew – Joan Jett on how to not give a damn about your bad reputation

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Last night I watched the incredibly sad and infuriating Valentine Road on HBO. The documentary goes to Oxnard, California to talk to the people whose lives were affected by the tragic murder of Larry King, a 15-year-old student who was shot by a peer after asking him to be his valentine. One of the main people involved is Marina, a lesbian who found the strength to come out and dress in boy’s clothes because of Larry. You can watch Valentine Road on HBO Go or find it when it airs again this month.

Consider the source but Radar Online claims Bethenny Frankel is upset with Ellen DeGeneres for not helping her book stars to come on her show. (Ellen is a producer on Bethenny’s fledling talk show.)

A bisexual woman writes about how her wife’s friends don’t trust her based on her being bi. Insane.

This person clearly does not watch The FostersA lesbian mom wrote to the New York Times to ask how to present her daughter at her debutante ball. (A man is usually part of the “presentation.”)

Joan Jett answered questions on Reddit yesterday and the best thing ever was when someone asked “How do I stop giving a damn about my reputation?” Her answer:

Well you know I’ve been in that place too where you worry about what everybody thinks of you, am I popular, do people care, are they looking at me, all that stuff. That’s a drag, man. Having to worry about fitting in, am I cool enough to ANYTHING.

You gotta not care about what people think in general about you. I’m not talking about bad stuff, if you’re a nasty person, because I don’t consider myself a mean person, I consider that I know what i want and I’m tough. But I’m very emotional and un-tough on a lot of levels, I cry very easily, I’m sensitive and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

A lot of people would say “well that’s not a bad reputation. you sound like a pussy” and I would say yea. but I am passionate about music and being taken seriously about my music, so if you’re going to mess with that, we have a problem.

A lot of “Bad Reputation” came from comments that people said in the early days of “she’ll never make it, she has a bad reputation” it was probably said at one point. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. And you have to decide that it’s not worth all that mental anguish worrying about what other people think.

Just be yourself and everything will fall in line, the way it’s supposed to be. If you’re yourself, that’s the best thing you can do, because you can never go “damn if I’d only been myself.” Live an authentic life and you don’t have to worry about your reputation.

Joan was also on The View yesterday, being a bad ass.

What should we call this new couple of Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison? Fosterson? Hedster?

More drama from the stars of Blue is the Warmest Color! Maybe this is all an elaborate marketing plan. Guys, I was already going to see it.

Kate McKinnon answered some SNL questions over at Huffington Post.

If you’ve been watching Masters of Sex, you might want to read the show’s resident lesbian Betty’s (aka Annaleigh Ashford) Elle piece about getting naked and doing it on screen. For those who haven’t watched, all you need to know is Betty is a lesbian in her personal life but makes money sleeping with johns.

I’m super psyched about the return of The Biggest Loser, which premieres tonight on NBC. Here’s what Jillian Michaels has to say about Season 15.

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