Morning Brew – Angel Haze explains pansexuality on TV interview

Good morning! Thank you to Heather Hogan for doing the Brew while I was down in Texas over the weekend.

Let’s get started with a little bit of Glee. I think Adam Lambert‘s and Naya Rivera‘s voices will sound fabulous together.

Angel Haze was asked about her pansexuality while on doing an interview on Fusion TV. The out rapper explains why she doesn’t love labels.

More and more lesbians are being crowned as high school queens and kings this year, which is so awesome. Congrats to Portland’s Laurel Osborne and Sophia Schoenfeld at Cleveland High.

Meanwhile studies show that young lesbians and bisexual women are at higher risk of behavioral problems and substance abuse. Perhaps we all need to start mentoring our younger gals like Big Sisters.

Policymic argues that some of the storylines on TV right now are tired, including Stef Foster’s being a “lesbian cop.” Actually lesbians are usually doctors on television, so I’m not mad about it. Also Lena is a school counselor, which is not something I’ve seen, so…

AE reader Lindsey tipped us off to out lesbian competitor Raquel Pennington competing on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter. Her nickname is Rocky and she’s 24 from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Lady Gaga and other bisexuals still face non-believers. Dumb.

Out chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton has a piece in The New Yorker food issue.

Sara Gilbert joined her The Talk co-hosts at TV Guide’s Hot List party. Also in attendance, Maya back from the dead. I mean, Bianca Lawson.

TV Guide Magazine Annual Hot List Party - Arrivals

TV Guide Magazine Annual Hot List Party

Out actress Carlease Burke has taken a role in a new film, Incarnate. She’s also coming back for the next season of Switched at Birth.