Morning Brew – Amy Poehler thinks everyone is gay

Good morning! Happy Wednesday.

Last night Tegan and Sara performed at the Billboard Women in Music Awards. They also posed with Pink on the red carpet. Nice work if you can get it!

2013 Billboard's Annual Women in Music Event

2013 Billboard's Annual Women in Music Event

2013 Billboard's Annual Women in Music Event

Vote for Sia‘s Billboard cover for Best Magazine Cover of 2013. I did!

Portlandia is coming back on February 27 and guest stars include k.d. lang, Olivia Wilde, Maya Rudolph and a return stint from Annie Clark aka St. Vincent. I can’t wait!

Kim Stolz shared her wedding video via Twitter.

Emily Rios has been upped to a regular on Season 2 of The Bridge, which means more of lesbian reporter Ariana!

Sign this petition to keep a 20-year-old Ugandan woman from having to go back to the persecution she faces as a lesbian in her homeland. She is seeking asylum in the UK.

Edie Windsor has launched with a great video about her life set to Helen Reddy‘s “I Am Woman.”

Here’s a video from The Real World: Ex-Plosion to learn more about the cast.


I love Amy Poehler. How could you not? Anyhow, the comedic goddess is on the cover of PAPER this month and, while the whole thing is worth reading, I thought I’d share my favorite tidbit with you. She’s talking about her new show Broad City she’s doing with young comics Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

“I’m always asking Abbi and Ilana questions about their lives, because I’m fascinated,” Poehler says. “I mean, everyone under 26 seems gay to me. Both men and women. I often ask myself, ‘Is everyone gay?’ There’s this gender fluidity that I think is generational, and that’s new. But young women now are so interesting and are taking full advantage of their opportunities. And Abbi and Ilana come from good supportive parenting. It’s funny to see what comedy comes from those backgrounds because, historically, you have to come from a shitty background to succeed in comedy, but that was never really the case with the women I came up with.”


Photo by Walter Chin via PAPER

We’re all just gay for you, Amy P.

i09 is making the case that Elsa of Disney’s Frozen could be queer. From the great piece:

What we do need is a queer character that isn’t just subtext. As I said representation matters. These films being aimed at children are often a big reason why people are against queer characters in them but I would say it is all the more reason to have them. Queer identities don’t just magically form as you turn 18. Like Elsa they can be things kids grow up with even if they do not fully understand them. And like Elsa it can be something they can be taught to hate and fear that part of themselves which can cause issues well into adulthood. I would rather both Elsa and children learn to accept and understand the differences inside of them so they can live happier lives as themselves. And don’t destroy their home nation.

Fine, I guess I should see this then!

Jane Lynch is going to be part of NBC’s New Years Eve countdown show. Will she outgay Anderson Cooper on CNN? Time will tell. has a podcast interview between Blue is the Warmest Color creator Julie Maroh and cartoonist Nicola Streeten. Julie talks about how she came up with the idea for Blue when she was 19.

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