Morning Brew – Behind the scenes of “Pretty Little Liars”

Good morning! Congrats to longtime couple Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner! The two made it legal after 42 years together on New Year’s Eve.


Photographer Lindsey Byrnes went behind the scenes of Pretty Little Liars for Rolling Stone and took some photos you will certainly enjoy. Obviously you are tuning in tonight to see the winter premiere, yeah? 20131203-prettylittleliars-05-x595-1386786607 20131203-prettylittleliars-27-x595-1386787510 Crystal Chappell talked with TV Guide magazine about new series Beacon Hill and not being able to kiss her female lover on Guiding Light. She says it’s awesome to be on the web and be able to show it all:

“You know what? It feels perfectly natural. What was unnatural is what we went through at GL. It felt like such a lie for Olivia and Natalia not to be able to express their love for each other. To try to tell that story without being able to touch or kiss was crazy. So this is just great! When it comes to LGBTQ issues, things are changing, moving forward, but we still have quite a ways to go. I really believe that projects like Venice and Beacon Hill help make a difference. And I love that we don’t have to deal with any censors, no suits in a tower saying that two women can only kiss on the cheek, or that they can’t look at each other for too long because America can’t handle it. And that freedom makes the work much more authentic. This was Sarah Brown’s first girl kiss, which was very exciting for all of us! After we filmed her first kissing scene, we were all going, “Yaaaaay!” And Sarah is an actress who has no fear. She was all about getting that first kiss out of the way, and then there was no stopping her! And Alicia was perfectly, completely comfortable, so it was all very funny and fun.”

Crystal also said her Beacon Hill character has a lot of “hot secrets.” Good because I hate cold ones. The National Soccer Coaches Association of America has launched a Gay, Lesbian and Ally section on their official website. What a cool resource! The Girls Season 3 premiere went down in New York last night and out guest star Jenna Lyons, Roberta Colindrez (Tako, who makes a brief appearance this season) and Danielle Brooks (who plays a lesbian!) all hit the red carpet. "Girls" Season Three Premiere "Girls" Season Three Premiere
RawStory reports on the right’s hilarious claims that “Rachel Maddow is getting her lesbian matriarchy all over your teevee screen.” Good, I’m glad! A lesbian mother writes about her experience for The Sunday Times. A lesbian who prefers pants to pumps asked The New York Times‘ advice columnist if she must wear a dress to appease the congregation at religious service she’ll be attended at her family’s Orthodox synagogue which requires “modest dress.” While the answers are still a little confusing, the piece is accompanied by this cool photo of “a sign posted at Congregation Beit Simchat Torah in New York.” 07civil-booming-dress-popup The Gloss thinks Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne would be a cute couple in 2014. Looks like they’ve met!


Dr. Jenn Berman talked with VH1 about the first episode of Couples Therapy, and dished on Whitney and Sada’s power struggle.

“Whitney and Sada have such an intense, emotional, volatile relationship, it is so filled with love and conflict. They go, especially Sada, from zero to a hundred in like 3.2 seconds. They have a lot of issues, all of which ultimately get addressed, and some of it intertwines. When you have a couple with years of history as they do, a lot of things go unresolved or their issues are not really about what’s happening in the moment, they’re about the history within the relationship or from their childhood as you’ll see with Sada this season.”

Out producer Megan Ellison is shaking up Hollywood this year. Her films American Hustle and Her have her in good shape to, as Jezebel notes, “win all the Oscars.” With designer partner Robyn Shapiro, we have a new lesbian power couple.

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