Morning Brew – Jennifer Lopez tells Ellen about her lesbian aunt and “The Fosters”

Good morning!

MK Nobilette got sent home on American Idol last night. She will be missed!


Jennifer Lopez went on The Ellen Show yesterday to talk about why she wanted to produce The Fosters, and shares photos of her gay aunt.

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Another JLo, out lesbian Jennifer Louise Lopez, went to a church in New York that had a sign reading “Jesus Would Stone Homos” and asked for her stoning.


The Standard has a guide to the LGBTQ nightlife in London. Will have to keep this one in my bookmarks for future trips.

The New York Times magazine has a great piece on the quest to prove bisexuality exists. My favorite quote: “My attraction doesn’t have much to do with their body parts.”

French singer Emeli Sande covered Elton John‘s “All the Girls Love Alice” for the 40th Anniversary Edition of Goodbye Yellow Brook Road. The song is about “a lesbian wild child who dies a tragic early death,” and Emeli said of her choice:

“The song I do is very different to the way pop has evolved now. It’s got unexpected changes musically and lyrically, telling a story from verse one to verse two. That kind of thing has been lost, I think. Lyrically it’s ambiguous. As Elton has said, people sing along to that and have no idea what they are singing about. I had no idea myself initially, until I sat down and worked it out. I think it’s great that this really sad story can go undercover because the melody of the whole thing is intriguing. It’s a really smart, intelligent pop song.”

Looks like there’s trouble in LaLa Land: LA has two competing lesbian centers raising funds for a home in West Hollywood.

White Collar will end with a six episode sixth season. Hopefully Diana is a part of all six.

Speaking of lesbian agents, Saffron Burrows is returning to Agents of SHIELD in the April 1 episode. (Thanks Peter!)


If Diana Nyad has her way, America will pair her with Cheryl Burke when the time comes for Dancing with the Stars to shake things up and ask fans. She wrote on Facebook yesterday:

This season, the audience will vote as to which partner we will switch to for one week. I’m telling you, I’d LOVE to give a Rumba a go with Cheryl!!!


From your lips, Diana. I’m ready to rally the troops and make this happen.

ELLE has a piece on lesbian dating app Dattch, including an interview with founder Robyn Exton. One thing I learned: It’s not just for hooking up.

People think it’s just for dating, but almost the most exciting thing is the community aspect. You don’t have to be single to be on Dattch. We have loads of girls that have girlfriends and want to see what’s going on the scene. And we have tons of people who come for content. It started as people just asking us “Hey, Dattch founders, I just moved to London; can you recommend a good lesbian bar?” so we built on that and added a blog of original content. And we want to do content partnerships, because there are so many amazing websites for LGBT women out there.

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