Morning Brew – Sarah Paulson talks with Julianne Moore for “Interview”

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Did you watch Big Driver this weekend? Maria Bello talked about coming out on the red carpet of her Lifetime movie’s premiere.

“You know, getting ill last summer changed my life in such a way. While I was recovering in bed, I saw so many things. Who was at my bedside and that we had this very unconventional modern family. After I wrote this article for the New York Times, I realized that there was a larger conversation to be had that nobody was having, which was that the only labels you have are the ones you give yourself and your family.”

Maria Bello with co-star Joan Jett

“When I told my son I was involved with a woman romantically, who was also my best friend, he said, ‘Mom, whether you’re lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, or whatever, shout it out the world!’ That’s what he actually said, and I’m so proud of him for knowing that and being that guy. So ‘whatever’ came from asking: How do you define yourself by labels?”

Julianne Moore talked with Sarah Paulson for Interview magazine. If you’re a fan of either or both actresses (you should be!), you’ll enjoy the conversation.


The GLSEN Respect Awards had some of our faves come out against bullying, including Jessica Capshaw, Sasha Alexander, Kirsten Vangsness and Jessica Clark. Rose McGowan showed off a new pixie cut while Julia Roberts posed with GLSEN’s Executive Director Dr. Eliza Byard

10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals

10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals

10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals

10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals

10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals

10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals

Linda Perry has been nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Oh god. Next week’s Grey’s Anatomy is very dramatic and Calzona-focused.

WWE Total Divas star Rosa Mendes came out as bisexual on a recent episode of the E! reality show.


The 50 Funniest Women of the Past 50 Years includes Lily Tomlin, Rosie O’Donnell, Wanda Sykes, Sandra Bernhard, Margaret Cho and Ellen DeGeneres.

Out model Tasha Tilberg looks stunning on the cover of VVV magazine this month.



I am loving this photo series from Sage Sohier‘s book, At Home with Themselves: Same-Sex Couples in 1980s America.

GayCouples 001

Robin & Jenna: Brides to Be is a new film about a lesbian couple that has an interesting new approach. Check out the first 10 minutes of the film and contribute to their “Registry” if you want to see the rest.

Sleater-Kinney are giving us a new album and world tour this winter! Their new video/song “Bury Our Dead” features Miranda July.

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