Morning Brew – Out producer Nisha Ginatra sells a show with Amy Poehler

Good morning!

Must-listen: Remembering A’Lelia Walker, Who Made A Ritzy Space For Harlem’s Queer Black Artists.

Freeheld star Ellen Page is continuing her career as being sexy in a black suit at the 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival.

63rd San Sebastian Film Festival: 'Freeheld' Photocall 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival: 'Freeheld' Photocall

Today in NYC, #NotYourProp is holding an educational protest outside of Stonewall about the film.


Out producer Nisha Ganatra (Transparent, Chutney Popcorn) has sold a pilot with Amy Poehler‘s production company to NBC. Pre-Madonna will be based on Nisha’s adolescence, following “Sarita Gupta entering a Chicago high school in 1983 and navigating the painful and hilarious path of finding out who she really is.” Surely that includes a queer awakening.

Amazon Video's 67th Primetime Emmy Celebration

From Huffington Post: Things LGBT Women are tired of hearing.

Bustle tries to help women figure out what their fantasies about females could mean. Also at Bustle: Bi women aren’t more interested in threesomes.

RIP lesbian photographer and filmmaker Honey Lee Cottrell.

Sia has released a new song called “Alive.”

Brace yourself for a new song called “Girl Crush.”

Someone wrote an erotic story about Kim Davis going gay in jail.

If only we were friends with Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss.

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