Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 2, 2007)

In a very candid interview with The L.A. Times last week, out actress Kristanna Loken–who made a splash in Terminator 3, starred in the god-awful BloodRayne, and currently plays Shane’s love interest Paige on this season of The L Word (pictured, right)–said she has no plans to return to the lesbian drama next season because she found it to be “the most difficult cast I’ve ever worked with.” She goes on to say:

“I’m not naming names. Let’s just start with the fact that it’s an entire show of women. And the amount of egos and insecurities and cattiness that can go on with a bunch of women — that’s what you get. It attracts certain people that want to do something different in their career, but the girls were tough. You know?”

Hmmm. I’m sensing there’s more to the story here – maybe she had to share a trailer with Angus? Or she was forced to wear Marina’s fedora whenever she wasn’t shooting? Or maybe an on-set romance went sour…

Tyra and company have just revealed the 13 new contestants for the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model, debuting February 28th, and it doesn’t appear that there are any lesbian or bisexual contestants this time around. If anyone hears different, let me know!

Uber-successful director/writer/executive producer Darren Star, of Sex and the City and Beverly Hills 90201 fame, has a new series in the works for ABC called Cashmere Mafia, about four successful female executives, friends since college, who rely on one another as they juggle the demands of career, family and high ambitions in New York.

The good news for us? One of the four women, Caitlin, falls head over heels for a woman she hires, and the two share a steamy kiss in the pilot. Who knows if it will still be steamy after the network censors have their way, but ABC is currently airing the best gay male storyline in American TV history, so I’m optimistic.

More good news for us? Bring It On director Peyton Reed is directing the pilot. We’ll have to wait until May to find out if ABC picks up the series, and there’s no casting news yet, but readers of Entertainment Weekly’s blog are already speculating on possible leads, including Lauren Graham, Lucy Liu, and Aisha Tyler. Any one of those women would be great on the show, but since we’re creating wish lists, how about Jessica Alba for Caitlin? Or Jennifer Garner? I wouldn’t kick either of those women out of my office for being sexually inappropriate.

And Portia de Rossi can play the seductive new hire–and as long as she doesn’t ruin the mood by doing the chicken dance.