Best, Lesbian. Week. Ever. (March 30, 2007)

Sci Fi has released more tidbits about its upcoming 22-episode series Painkiller Jane, premiering April 13th and starring out actress Kristanna Loken (aka Paige on The L Word).

Here are a few fun new stills from the series:

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lotta new ground being covered here — the premise looks like a cross between La Femme Nikita, Dark Angel and Alias, but — wait, what am I saying? That sounds like a freakin’ great idea for a series! Bring it on!

Channel 4 has canceled the Emmy-winning teen drama Sugar Rush — or not, depending on whose version you believe. A spokesperson for the channel claims they never planned to give the show a third season in the first place, saying “It was concluded at end of the second series because we felt the girls’ story had run its course.” But Sugar Rush producer and co-creator Johnny Capps says otherwise: “We were surprised and disappointed at Channel 4’s decision not to recommission Sugar Rush, especially after its ratings and critical success. We certainly had lots of ideas of where to take the next series and it was sad not to be able to finish Kim and Sugar’s story properly.”

The second series ended with Sugar moving into the flat Kim shares with her new girlfriend, Saint. Olivia Hallinan, who played Kim, also expressed disappointment in the show’s demise, saying, “It is such a shame because [the cast is] all up for it.”

It is a shame, for a lot of reasons, especially because it was such a nuanced and popular portrayal of lesbian and bi teens on British TV. And now we’ll never get to see that Sugar Rush-South of Nowhere cross-over episode we were hoping for. You know, like when Arnold from Diff’rent Strokes visited the girls at Eastland on The Facts of Life. Or when Alex P. Keaton and the Family Ties gang went to Oxford. Or when the Brady Bunch kids visited Hawaii. But with lesbians (besides Alice the maid).