Best, Lesbian. Week. Ever. (March 30, 2007)

Dirt ended its first (and probably only) season this week, and I’m not sorry to see it go. Watching that show always makes me feel, well, dirty, and not in a good way. But Jennifer Aniston’s lesbian character? The good way.

Jennifer was mesmerizing as a rival tabloid editor who takes the “catch more flies with honey” approach that’s so opposite of Courteney Cox’s Lucy, who hooked up with Aniston’s character a few times in her younger days.

Speaking of magazine editors and lesbian flings, the real-life dirt currently making the gossip rounds is the public revelation this week that Jane Pratt (pictured below, right), founder of the well-known Jane and Sassy magazines, once slept with Drew Barrymore. Yes, that Drew Barrymore.

This shouldn’t be too much of a shock, though, since Drew has previously said she’s bisexual, telling New Woman magazine in 2003, “I have always considered myself bisexual” because “I think a woman and a woman together are beautiful, just as a man and a woman together are beautiful.”

But she also said, “I don’t think I could ever just solely be with a woman. … It’s just not enough for me.” Silly Drew — you obviously just haven’t met the right woman yet!

“F–k you, motherf—er. F–k you, f–k you, f–k you. Get the thing together!”

— Lily Tomlin to director David O. Russell on the set of I Heart Huckabees after he exploded at her, calling her a “c–t” and kicking and throwing things.

The moment was caught on tape, but that’s one deleted scene you definitely won’t see on the DVD! Although to Tomlin’s credit, she shrugged it off to the New York Times last week, chalking it up to: “adults fight.”

ABC is postponing the return of Anne Heche’s Men in Trees until May 31st.

Rumors of Lost‘s gay character turned out to have been greatly exaggerated (again), and the revelation revolved around a guy (Boone). For a change.

The staff of is headed off to Dinah Shore in Palm Springs today, for a weekend of lesbians gone wild professional networking. If you see us there, please come up and say hello! We don’t bite, I promise. Well, except maybe Malinda. When she’s had a few drinks. And she’s not even Brazilian!

That’s all for this week! Check back next Friday for another edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever.