Styled Out: Taking care of business

I happen to be one of the few and fortunate who isn’t required to dress all “business casual” Monday through Friday. I really do feel for those of you who do, though, and I’ve gotten more than one request to dish about where to grab the garb to look like a polished yet hip professional.

Tegan Quin first started rocking the denim button-up early in 2010 and caused a lot of buzz amongst her queer admirers as a result. The good news is she was right (duh) and it’s actually growing in popularity amongst the 9-to-5ers. Denim can look crisp and classy and TQ gave me the scoop by telling me to check out American Eagle Outfitters to score one. Wearing a traditionally blue collar shirt in a white collar environment may come across as ironic to some and unconventional to others but, either way, you’ll look sharp.

A sweater vest is one of my favorite tie-ins as part of a fall wardrobe and automatically dresses up your favorite T-shirt, instantly making it office-appropriate. Make sure that you match it with a pleated skirt or a nice pair of corduroys so that no one’s boss get their panties in a twist when you wear it over your favorite worn band T. I favor Peter Lim‘s take on the classic (far left).

H&M is my favorite go-to when suggesting office outfits that will keep you looking cute without you forking over your entire paycheck. The stuff isn’t the best quality that you’ll ever come across, but that’s kind of the point. You can stay en vogue season to season without feeling guilty about turning out some of last year’s wash ups when the time is right. Everyone likes a little “back to school” shopping, even if we’re past that point and places like these make that totally possible.

Like I mentioned before, H&M is going to be debuting their online store at long last so even those of you without close access to the wonderland can reap the benefits. There’s a little something for everyone at this little slice of heaven, with a plethora of size small and extra small in the men’s department making it easy if you don’t want to buy from the dress department.

Remember folks, the most important consideration when dressing a bit more “down” in the office is ensuring that the other ensemble elements encompass proper business attire, such as a blazer, well-pressed pants or skirt and clean and stylish shoes.

Are you mixing and matching at work?