Morning Brew – Thursday, September 9: More Gaga in drag, “Grey’s Anatomy” stills from the new season

Good morning!

Barbara Walters said she isn’t worried that by Sara Gilbert‘s new show The Talk will take away viewers from The View. She told USA Today:

I don’t think it will diminish us. We’re different people. We have our own humor. This is not the first time we’ve had competition. It’s our 3,000th [episode], but we’ve had 2,000 people imitate us.

Yeah but have you ever had a lesbian on your show? Damn, The View has been on so long I almost forgot Rosie O’Donnell was on for a season. At least Joy Behar brings the gay talk front and center, just to make Hasselbeck uncomfortable.

Rizzoli & Isles was the most watched ad-supported cable show of the summer with 8.44 million viewers. It wasn’t specified, but I’m willing to bet that 8 million of those were lesbians.

The French film Crime d’Amour will make its North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this month and there’s a little bit of sexual tension between the two leads, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier.

Yet another reason I wish I was going to TIFF! Check out the trailer with English subtitles here. (Thanks for the tip, Truth!)

The Boobs and Blood Film Festival is happening in LA Sept. 24 – 26, including a lesbian vampire theme on Sunday. Well, at least there’s no confusion as to what’s happening at this party. Find out more at

Ellen DeGeneres joined Kristin Chenoweth on stage in Promises, Promises on Broadway this week. She played the nurse, which gave us a rare opportunity to see her in a skirt. Thank god she wasn’t a “sexy nurse.” I don’t want to think of Ellen in that “sexy Halloween costume” kind of way.

Now that the full magazine is out, we can see more shots of Lady Gaga as her male alter-ego Jo Calderone.

Other more meaty shots might be getting the media’s attention lately, but I prefer the Lady in a suit jacket.

Here are a few non-spoilery shots of Calzona from the Grey’s Anatomy premiere. We could easily play a game of “Caption this!”

Obviously, they’re about to do something lesbian. You can just tell.

Lastly, did you watch Hellcats last night? I’m on the fence on if we should do a full recap for its lesbian character, The Wedge. Your opinion needed! Get at me.