Morning Brew – Friday, September 10: Ellen does Fashion Week, Cat Cora dishes on coming out and being a working mom

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OK, after many of you voted “no,” we won’t be doing a Hellcats recap. It did get pretty good ratings, though, so I’ll make sure to keep watching just to give you the good lesbianish tidbits.

Obviously this is Ellen‘s best week ever. She was part of New York Fashion Week yesterday, closing Richie Rich‘s show in a fierce blazer and slacks.

Way to be part of the gayest show at Fashion Week, EDG!

Cat Cora was on the Food Networks’ The Best Thing I Ever Ate this week and recommends the Eggs Rose’ D’Angelo Bread in Santa Barbara, Calif. She’s also in Working Mother magazine talking about being a famous chef and a parent, or as People magazine says after picking up the story her “unusual path to parenthood.” AKA she’s a lesbian mom.

It’s a great long piece where Cora talks about culinary school, meeting Julia Child and using IVF. An excerpt, on how she knew she was gay:

I remember as a child of 4 or 5 having crushes on babysitters. Of course, a little girl can have crushes, and that doesn’t mean she’s gay. I didn’t know what it meant. But it’s who I was, just like when you have brown hair or blue eyes.

To be normal, I dated boys. All through high school and college I dated boys, but by then I knew I was gay. I had a girlfriend in high school while I was dating a guy. I couldn’t tell anybody. My first love. My first kiss. And I couldn’t tell my mom. It was a lonely place.

Read the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed! (Thanks Shadee!)

Jackie Warner talked with In Touch magazine about how she was once overweight and felt miserable. Yes, we feel very bad for you, Jackie. But here’s what she had to say about her personal life on TV:

In Touch: Do you have regrets about doing Work Out?
There’s nothing more honest than seeing yourself reflected back on camera. I didn’t like how I was portrayed, but I did a lot of self-work and changed the things I didn’t like.

IT: Has your new long hair had any effect on your love life?
I get hit on by men, not just women! I just got out of a relationship, but the women I’m dating now are worlds away from the women of three years ago. My standards are higher.

Somewhere, Mimi and Briana Stockton are shaking their fists at you, JWarn.

Black Swan doesn’t have the lesbian sex scene market cornered in Venice. The French film Happy Few follows two married couples that decide to swap partners. The two wives end up bedding one another in what Variety describes as “a morbid lesbian scene.” This should be interesting. A few shots of the women, played by Marina Foïsand Élodie Bouchez.

If you watch Chelsea Lately, you’ll hear Chelsea talk all about her lesbian stylist/roommate. That lesbian is Amy Meyer, and she talked with The Chicago Sun-Times about styling her friend (since 2007) and how she’s helping her prepare for hosting the Video Music Awards this weekend. The best tidbit:

I was wearing the boyfriend jeans last year, and she was like “no,” she wasn’t into it, but now that’s what she loves to wear. Also, when we first met, I said, “I totally think it would be cute if you did an Annie Hall look,” and she was like, “Listen, you lesbian, you’re not turning me into a dyke.”

They should have a reality show filming inside their house. I would watch!

AE reader Shiri sent in this link to Switcheroo, where couples take photos wearing each others’ outfits. Here’s the two women in the group:

It’s kind of trippy, right?

Olivia Wilde, you know you can cuddle better than this!

I get it — there aren’t enough girls in that huddle! Come here and let’s hug it out.

Wanda Sykes will appear in a new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm this season. She also told the Orlando Sentinel she’s bummed about the cancellation of New Adventures of Old Christine:

I didn’t see that one coming. If CBS didn’t pick us up, I thought we’d be picked up by another network. It’s show business. You’re going to be canceled eventually.

Keep your head up, Wanda. In the meantime, she says she’s planning a big tour. That works for me!

Joan Jett is being honored by PETA this year at their 30th Anniversary Gala on Sept. 25. Congrats Joan! And if you read that, call me.

Lastly, someone with a great accent loves that you are here.


Have a lovely weekend.