Morning Brew – Tuesday, September 14: First look at Beth Ditto’s new clothing line, Shabby shows at the “Big Brother” wrap party


Katherine Miller was one of Lady Gaga‘s dates to the VMAs. You might recall she resigned from the military because of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Last night, Rachel Maddow had Katherine on her show and asked about all of the above.


Two smart lesbians having intelligent conversation. That’s the kind of girl-on-girl action I like to see on camera.

In three days, Beth Ditto‘s new collection for Evans will be available, but a few early photos have hit the web. Beth told Vogue UK:

There are some special, versatile pieces that I believe in, which include staples to build your strong look from, standout items to wow and even some updated favourites from the last line. I know you will look as beautiful in these clothes as you do out of them.

The pieces will be available in sizes 14-32. Like these two?

Oh, Beautiful: An American Family in the 20th Century is a memoir of a different kind. Writer John Paul Godges details his family’s lives as well as his own, which includes “an Oliver North among us, a Hillary Clinton among us, a mentally ill sister, a jock brother, a lesbian rocker, and a gay male activist.” John’s sister Mary Jo Godges is the focus of chapters on gay liberation, but told through her finding herself and developing her interests in radio and rock ‘n roll.

Mary Jo in 1989

Creative Loafing has a blog this week from a woman who didn’t know she was gay until she was in her twenties. Girlfriend, you are not alone!

Suze Orman will be part of a series of specials on the new OWN network when its launched Jan. 1. Since she’s BFF with Oprah , it doesn’t come as a surprise, but I’m always glad to hear her do some smackdowns, especially if she’s giving one to one of the other experts on board, Dr. Phil.

Out vocalist Hayley Teal has made it to the top three on Australian X-Factor. She recently told Yahoo that her girlfriend of a year, Izzy, is her inspiration and it’s hard to be away from her while on the show. Aw. (Thanks @asdotnet!)

Hesta Prynn has put up a new webisode of Hesta Prynn and Friends which includes pal/lesbian Kim Stolz.


Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space comic artist Megan Rose Geddis told Prism Comics that she’s been working hard on some new projects.

I have two latest projects! I’ve been doing a dirty, dirty series for called Darlin’ It’s Betta Down Where It’s Wetta. Lesbian mermaids anyone? My other project, Meaty Yogurt, isn’t out yet, but will be when my old comic, YU+ME, wraps up. There’s a bit more information on that at

Before you go searching for the lesbian mermaids, you should know it’s an erotic comic site, so it’s 18+ and costs $4.99 to subscribe. If that’s no problem for you, go get your merbians.

Laura McFerrin‘s documentary about the National Equality March, March On, won the Audience Award at the Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this week. (Thanks thelinster.)

Julianne Moore wants equality for her LGBT friends, especially in her home state of New York.


She wants those lesbian roles to keep on coming, so keep being gay people.

A new video on has some more of our favorites speaking out against hate.


How adorable is Mae Whitman? That reminds me: Parenthood starts up again tonight on NBC.

Big Brother UK had a wrap party in London last night and out lesbian Shabby was on hand to keep things interesting.

Housemate Corin also wanted to get some attention.

Check back later for a recap of True Blood‘s finale, New Music Tuesday and more.