Morning Brew – Tuesday, September 28: Tilda Swinton continues to amaze in menswear, lesbianism avoided on “90210” – again


Tilda Swinton will never stop looking fabulous in menswear. Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots from a recent photoshoot.

Be still my heart.

USA has renewed White Collar for a third season, which means we have hope that Agent Diana Lancing will have a girlfriend soon! With 16 new episodes a season, that should be ample time for the typical meeting-romancing-having-a-baby storyline.

The Indigo Girls are releasing a Christmas album. Holly Happy Days will be available Oct. 12, so you can memorize all the lyrics before Xmas Eve.

Canadian artist Char2D2 has a new video for the song “Some Will Have to Go” and it’s all DIY stop motion. Pretty much anything that is set to this song would be great, though. I love her Small Vampires EP.

I have to say, I could really live without every single media outlet asking Darren Aronofsky about the Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman kissing scene in Black Swan. The film looks so good that, unlike other movies that may have actually used the girl-girl kiss as a gimmick, I almost wish we didn’t know about it ahead of time. The newest anecdote on their scene: they had to drink a bottle of tequila in preparation. Something tells me that straight people have to get a little tipsy before they get frisky on film, too, but people rarely ask directors about those scenes.

On last night’s 90210, Annie talked with Silver and Adrianna about her boss’ inappropriate actions at work. Her boss, as we told you last year, has been making bizarrely provocative statements to her about how beautiful she is.

So what does Adrianna suggest? She thinks Annie should just kiss her. But the real deal is that her boss wants Annie to donate some of her eggs to her, as she couldn’t produce her own. Whew! No lesbianism there!

Roni’s picks for TV today: An all-day marathon of Stargate: Universe (SyFy 8 a.m.) leading up to the Season Two premiere, including the Camile-centric episodes “Life” (9 a.m.), and “Sabotage” (4 p.m.).

Also, The Biggest Loser (NBC 8 p.m.), Glee (Fox 8 p.m.), Dancing With the Stars (ABC 9 p.m.), lesbians on Flipping Out (Bravo 9 p.m.) and the season premiere of The Good Wife (CBS 10 p.m.)