Morning Brew – Wednesday, September 29: Ciara and Lala speak to gay youth, Brittany thinks Britney is really, really hot

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Fishnet, a film about a lesbian couple of burlesque dancers on the run, will have its premiere at Atlanta’s Out on Film on Oct. 4.


The Mirror ran a story called “Married for 15 years … then I fell in love with a woman!” Yes, it’s still shocking, apparently.

The A.V. Club recalled Mr. Wrong in its Celluloid Closeted Case File this week. And while we all know it wasn’t Ellen’s best piece of work, the writer decides that she’s famous for being a lesbian more than she is a comic.

Watching DeGeneres on Open House and the Comedy Channel, I never thought about her sexuality. Like Newhart, she struck me as relatively asexual. Still, her tumble out of the closet didn’t exactly come as a shock. I’d like to think the revelation prompted responses that ran the gamut from “Well, duh” to “Eh” to “Who cares?” to “Good for her.” It didn’t take a genius to figure out why she wasn’t constantly photographed on red carpets on the arm of a sea of eligible bachelors. Yet her sexuality has proven an enduring source of fascination to the American public.

It’s safe to assume that she’s more famous for being a lesbian than for being a brilliant stand-up comic. Instead of destroying her career, coming out made DeGeneres a superstar and a household name. So it took a staggering level of miscalculation to cast her as a single woman desperate to find a marriageable man in the 1996 flop Case File Mr. Wrong—particularly since, like Newhart and Jerry Seinfeld, DeGeneres doesn’t act so much as play minor variations on herself. She’s less an actor than a reactor.

Listen, guy, the film sucked, but that shouldn’t make you re-evaluate Ellen’s talent. She’s had plenty of work since that film, and playing herself is what she’s good at. That’s how she makes us laugh, and her sexuality is only one smidgen of it. In fact, it hurt her more than helped her in the beginning, so it might have always “fascinated,” but didn’t always resonate like it has in present day.

If you watched Glee last night, you surely caught Brittany telling Britney Spears how hot she was. (You can watch the whole episode online now.) She also was quite fond of caressing her fellow females in performances of “Toxic” and “Me Against the Music.” So when we heard she’ll be in a relationship this season, we had to know if it would be a woman. Unfortunately, the publicist tells us the script hasn’t even been written yet, so it’s up in the air — or at least, they’re not sharing yet. But I can see it being set up, even if it doesn’t involve Santana.

Sara Gilbert was on the carpet for the NCIS Los Angeles premiere this week and she talked about, what else?, The Talk.


On last night’s Bad Girls Club, Miami’s Dj Kiki Koenig spent the night with resident lesbian housemate Brandi. Here’s a pictorial of what happened:

Do you recognize Kiki? She is the same DJ that went on a date with Brooke Hogan for the reality show Brooke Knows Best. She’s really making a career out of this, isn’t she?

Do you get jealous easily? An article in Scientific American says that lesbians and gay men are often thought to be more open to having more than one partner at a time, but the author doesn’t think this is true. Psychology Today posted a rebuttal, attempting to explain the lack of jealousy in same-sex relationships. Largely, their proof lies in the existence of swingers clubs. So we’re either jealous because we’re just like everyone else, or we’re not jealous because larger cities have places for people to switch up partners for the night. Team Scientific American. (Thanks Penny!)

Ciara and Lala made a video to partake in Dan Savage‘s “It Gets Better” viral campaign, letting gay youth know that their days of being gay bashed in high school will be over eventually. While both women are, as far as we know, straight, it’s great to have them speak out together.


On TV today and tonight: America’s Next Top Model with lesbian contestant Kayla (CW 8 p.m.), Hellcats with lesbian cheerleader the Wedge (CW 9 p.m.) and Sara Ramirez visits Lopez Tonight (TBS 11 p.m.).

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