Morning Brew – Thursday, September 30: Maggie Q loves lesbians, Ariel Schrag does a Tegan and Sara tattoo

It’s the last day of September. Kind of hard to believe! Well, we’ll end it on some good notes.

Nikita star Maggie Q told E! she’s psyched on being “a lesbian icon.”

“I think I just sort of shut the girlie off and just go full-on butch the minute a fight starts. I’ve got a couple of lesbian friends who are crew on the show and they’re always like, ‘Dude! Maggie, dude—so cool’ I’m like, I’m friends with the lesbians! That takes a lot.

It takes a lot to impress us? Sometimes, but I gotta say, Q’s acting chops and body of work (heh) aside, she was the warmest, funniest and most entertaining person that graced the stage at TCA this year, so she won me over.

Donna O’Connor is a nominee for the Belfast Telegraph Woman of the Year in the Arts because of her play, A Night with George, which is about a woman in love with George Clooney. When The Belfast Telegraph asked her why George was chosen as the ultimate fantasy man, she said:

“Well, my co-writer chose him and she’s a lesbian, but I guess he ticks all the boxes.”

Her co-writer, Brenda Murphy, did not comment, but suffice to say she probably asked any straight woman over 40 for their celeb crush and made the choice between Clooney and Russell Crowe.

According to the UK’s Telegraph, one in four Brits are “uncomfortable” with gays on television. I’d prefer them report that 3 out of 4 Brits approve, but then again, why are we asking people these kinds of questions? No one ever asks me if I’m comfortable with watching Chris Noth give Juliana Marguiles oral sex on this week’s The Good Wife. (For the record, I was not comfortable with it but yes, I watched it.)

Ariel Schrag is part of a Jewish female exhibit at the Comic Art Museum in San Francisco. She selected one of her pieces “Dyke March” to include among other panels, including one in which she “tries to be more Jewish than she is.”

She also talked with Crushable about a recent tattoo she designed for someone.

The last tattoo I designed was a Tegan and Sara tattoo, which was great since I love Tegan and Sara. The girl who commissioned it wanted the tattoo to reflect several of their songs. She gave me a rough description of what she wanted and I sent her several sketches until we landed on the design she liked.

A T&S tat by Ariel Schrag? That’s pretty gay.

What lesbian writer hates laughing? Kids in the Hall star Scott Thompson told NY Magazine:

I remember doing Buddy Cole once and a very well-known lesbian writer was in the front row and she turned her chair around, and then all the other women in the front row turned their chairs around in solidarity. I was so furious that I directed all of my material that night directly at their angry lesbian backs.

Well, whichever one it was, she obviously has some pull. Maybe the jokes weren’t funny, but at any rate, what Sarah Silverman says could prove true again: “As a lesbian, I resent your laughter. And all laughter.”

There is still not a lesbian on Modern Family. Tween girl Alex (Ariel Winter) wanted to prove to her older sister that, just because she wears sensible shoes, it doesn’t mean she’s gay.

Hayley tries to help her sister out, saying she had her first kiss at 11.

Alex: 11?
Haley: Yeah, so you’d better get on it or he’s gonna think you’re a lesbian.
Alex: He’s not gonna think I’m a lesbian.”
Haley: I thought you were. You totally have the sandals for it.

To prove her straightness, she goes to a boy’s house and says “I’m not a lesbian. I would like for you to kiss me.” Unfortunately, the whole boy’s soccer team hears her, and she is so embarrassed, she doesn’t want to return to school.

I bet she would rather have been a lesbian. (Watch the whole episode here.)

Good news, Mistresses fans! Well, if you’re in the US, anyway. Fox has hired Shelley Conn to star in a series called Terra Nova. She’ll play a wife and mother (yawn) of “an ordinary family from 2149 who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization.” Here’s an opportunity to show that lesbians have existed since the beginning of time! Somehow I’m not sure that’ll be the first thing in the script.

Research magazine says we’re all pretty much taking over the world. In fact, she says the LGBT community “is gaining significant traction in its quest for equality” in the areas that are of the most importance: society, technology, economics, environment and politics. The writer even uses’s piece on the Rachel Maddow iPhone application as proof we’re dominating life. Go gays!

Margaret Cho, Clay Aiken and others Give a Damn about equality.


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