Morning Brew – Friday, October 1: Jenny McCarthy was naked with other women, Rosie Perez wants to talk about “the gays”

Happy October!

Rosie Perez has filmed a video for Fight Back New York, which aims to make equality a priority for The Powers that Be in her home state. She calls out anti-gay Senator Ruben Diaz, who is up for re-election in November.

To donate to the fund, visit To watch Rosie Perez “fight the power,” go here.

God, I love the ’90s.

Mary Gauthier told Out & About that playing at a recent country music themed event in Nashville was great, because the genre can be a little, uh, shy when it comes to embracing gays.

I’m living proof that an openly gay artist can succeed if you give them a chance. I’m out; I’ve always been out. I’m gay and I don’t wanna hide it. It’s just like the color of my eyes or the color of my hair. But I don’t want to be known as a gay artist. I want to be known as an artist who is gay. I can tell you it hasn’t held me back in any way. A lot of people in the industry are completely supportive. Of course, I’m not trying to be a major country star either.

Well that’s a relief because we already have Chely Wright and there’s only one lesbian aloud at a time. Look at how confusing it is to have both Ellen and Jane Lynch in the limelight. Heads explode!

Amy Fisher is famous for all the wrong reasons: she had an affair with Joey Buttafuoco and then shot his wife. She was called “the Long Island Lolita” and they even made a movie about her starring Alyssa Milano, which I have totally watched on Lifetime. Amy told AOL about her porn debut in one of the most unintentionally hilarious/ridiculous interviews ever. She, of course, has some scenes with a woman, which she said really put her acting skills to use.

“It was easier with the male stars. I’m heterosexual. I love looking at beautiful women, but I’m not bisexual. That said, when I saw the scene, I was proud because I did a great acting job during that scene.”

Somehow I don’t think any real lesbians will be watching it to judge how great she pretends to like sex with a woman, but I’m sure the five dudes that buy that DVD will be convinced.

And that tidbit was just because it’s Friday.

But speaking of flirtations with bisexuality, Jenny McCarthy writes in her new book, Love, Lust & Faking It: The Naked Truth about Sex, Lies, And True Romance, that she has been with women, back when she was a Playmate.

“Being around naked women, something is going to happen. Yeah, I’ve played around.”

That doesn’t really give me an image of anything other than a photoshoot of Playmates involving a pillow fight. I wonder if Jenny just threw that tidbit in there for some titillation, or she considers being naked with another naked woman in the same room something lesbian outright. But Jenna Jameson once made it public that she’d had sex. In 2006, she told Page Six:

“We’re hosting a Halloween party at the Hard Rock and afterward the two of us went into a secluded booth . . . Jenny kicked back . . . and I’m just, like, ‘Oh, here we go. It’s on . . .’ and she was great!”

Welcome to October! It’s time for sexy costumes and lesbian sex.

Speaking of, Marcus Hearn is a vampire film archivist for Hammer Film Productions and one of the films in his longtime collection is Vampire Lovers, a 1970 flick with lesbian vamp themes. The News Observer asked how he feels about it being so controversial at the time, now that almost every vampire movie in existence has some lesbian subtext. Marcus said:

It was probably the first English-language film to explore those themes in a horror context, and it was certainly influential insofar as it wasn’t the last. It ushered in a whole new era for Hammer.

He also noted that the women in the film are little more real than those in today’s films.

I think Hammer employed some of the most beautiful actresses in the world, and you’ll see some of them in this double bill. Hammer had a “type” – statuesque, buxom – altogether more curvy than is fashionable nowadays.

But if you really love lesbian vampires, you’ll love our founder Sarah Warn dressed as one, alongside her partner Lori.

Happy birthday weekend, Sarah! I hope it’s fangtastic.

Melissa Etheridge told PopEater she is certain Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will end sooner than later.

“Fears of terrorism, of being attacked, these very seemingly real things that are there, they get all tangled up with love and gay rights,” she says. “I know in the next 10, 20 years this will all be behind us and we will all sort of laugh at those crazy days when ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was a law.”

Melissa basically stopped global warning with her Academy Award-winning song, “I Need to Wake Up,” so maybe she should write a jam like “I Need to Ask and Tell.”

TV listings for today from Roni: Ellen and Portia’s personal chef Roberto Martin on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Julie Benz as a lesbian on Desperate Housewives (Lifetime 12 p.m.), Leisha Hailey stars and Rachel Hunter plays a lesbian in La Cucina (TMC 11 a.m.), and Outlaw featuring Carly Pope as a bisexual PI (NBC 10 p.m.)

Have a nice weekend.