N.Y. Scene Sept. 2010 — Pride 2.0? Stiletto, That’s My Jam, Truck Stop and Neon Choice

N.Y. Scene is a monthly column that chronicles lesbian nightlife and events of interest in New York. Grace Chu has come out of lesbian scene retirement to navigate the vast and ever-evolving New York City scene, so you don’t have to.

The ghost of N.Y. C. Pride must have wanted seconds, because it looks like it came back to haunt and take another bite of the Big Apple. September was a packed month in New York City lesbian nightlife, and it’s a miracle that I’m still standing. Maggie C’s Stiletto had its end-of-the-summer Labor Day bash, That’s My Jam had its 2nd year anniversary party, Truck Stop roared its way into town again, and Choice C–ts had a neon party that put the 80s to shame. To top it off, a freak tornado touched down in lesbian central, and the girls shrugged it off and kept on keepin’ on.

Stiletto Labor Day Bash & Skip Trace Launch Party @ The Maritime Hotel Cabanas – 9.5.10

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As tourists descend on New York City on major holidays like the 4th of July or Labor Day, New Yorkers flee the city in droves. For this reason, I expected a thinner and more subdued crowd at the Stiletto Labor Day party, but it was just as crowded and lively as usual; the weather was excellent, the drinks were flowing, and the ladies were most definitely in attendance.

Lesbian dance face!

Inspired by the chill and loungey outdoor scene at the Abbey in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoons, Stiletto is held every Sunday at the Maritime Hotel Cabanas in Chelsea. During the summer, the roof comes off at the Cabanas, and the vibe is relaxing and friendly – the antithesis of a crazy club night. A refreshing change of pace from the relentless skull-rattling thumpa thumpa that characterizes the New York City nightlife scene, Stiletto is a perfect environment for sipping cocktails in the sun, meeting new friends, and carrying on conversations without blowing out your vocal cords from screaming over the latest Rihanna remix.

A new web series, Skip Trace, produced by Sarah Croce and Darlene McCullough, premiered at the party. According to its web site, Skip Trace is “a web drama about two women — best friends from Brooklyn who mess with one another, fall in love, and run around the city. Oh, and they’re bounty hunters.” 

L to R, Croce and McCullough “messing with one another”

Throughout the day the crowd participated in several bounty hunter-themed games, including “cuffs n’ cream,” a pie-eating contest involving handcuffs — and “pin the cuff on the skip,” which is like pin the tail on the donkey, except it involved pinning a set of handcuffs on a poster of a hot woman. There was also an unplanned game called “cuffs n’ concussion,” which included McCullough being hoisted onto someone’s shoulders and getting tossed head first onto a concrete floor.

Oh, lesbians.

While many view Stiletto as primarily a summer party, Stiletto in fact runs all year ‘round, and this winter it will be moving from Sundays to the second and fourth Fridays of each month. To learn about the details when they emerge, head over to Facebook and join Maggie C. Events page.

Also, big news for us East Coast ladies. Get ready for an annual lesbian retreat in the vein of Dinah Shore and Aquagirl. In a statement to AfterEllen.com, Maggic C. announced that she and Aqua Girl’s Alison Burgos have teamed up in association with GO Magazine to produce an annual five day four night women’s getaway launching in late Summer, 2011. “The getaway will take place at the brand new W retreat and Spa on Vieques Island in Puerto Rico and will cater to the hip, upscale, professional lesbian,” she said. “The W retreat and Spa Vieques offers two private beaches, stunning suites, a five star restaurant and breathtaking views. Decadence at its finest.” Expect a lineup of “the hottest DJ’s, musicians, comedians and more throughout the weekend.”

Gay guys have enough circuit parties to keep them occupied all year. Even if you’re not into massive lesbian retreats, isn’t it about time that we have the same choices as the boys? So who’s pumped for Puerto Rico?