N.Y. Scene Sept. 2010 — Pride 2.0? Stiletto, That’s My Jam, Truck Stop and Neon Choice

Choice C–ts Neon Party @ Santos Party House, Downstairs – 09.25.10

As the west coast invasion was whipping the ladies into a frenzy uptown, another rager was taking place downtown. Promoter Ellie Conant’s monthly queer party Choice C–ts never fails to attract a sizeable crowd of partygoers dressed in whimsical and outrageous outfits that evoke memories of the legendary Club Kids. And yes, this is a party frequented primarily by queer women. Forget cargo pants and polo shirts. In fact, forget the trendy yet safe fashions of The L Word and its ilk. This is another animal altogether. Don’t think queer women can be outrageously flamboyant like the boys? It’s 2010. Get over it.

Last Saturday was no exception. The theme was neon, and when I did a drive by at 1:30am, the dance floor was filled with revelers sporting neon face paint, glow in the dark bracelets, feathers, boas and other assorted accessories. The crowd uptown and the crowd downtown were both trendy, fashionable and good looking, but the crowd downtown didn’t just march to the beat of a different drummer, they marched to the beat of an entire ensemble that you’ve never seen before in queer lady land – and that’s the point.

And it isn’t even Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, Choice C–ts will be taking over both floors of Santos Party House for its Halloween bash on Sunday, October 31. To put this in perspective, Choice is usually held in the basement of Santos Party House. For Pride, Choice was held in the larger venue on the main floor. On Halloween, Choice is taking over the whole damn place along with cult glam-punk band The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. [Update: a few details have changed due to a drug bust at Santos Party House, among other things. Choice’s Halloween bash will be at held Soiree at 199 Bowery at Spring Street on Sunday, October 31. See details on the official invite.]

So start crafting your costume now, because with this crowd, wearing a store bought Snooki outfit just ain’t gonna cut it.

All photos by Grace Chu unless otherwise noted.