Morning Brew – Monday, October 4: Jean Paul Gaultier gets inspired by lesbian rock stars, Girl in a Coma get racially profiled

Ahem! Morning, all!

Girl in a Coma‘s out drummer Phanie Diaz told American Noise she isn’t worried about being pigenholed as a gay band.

“No; I mean, it’s going to happen, and there’s a lot of elements where we could be pigeonholed: the fact that we’re gay or we’re all female or we’re Latinas, but we don’t go around trying to put ourselves in that hole. We just want to be recognized as a rock band. It’s going to be there, but we don’t put it in the forefront. We just do what we do and go on tour, and we support everybody that comes to our shows.”

Girl in a Coma? Oh yeah, that lesbian Latina band. I was confused and thought they were the Canadian twin lesbians. So hard to keep them apart!

But in something completely dumb that happened to the girls, they were stopped by la Migra while on tour recently and asked for their papers. The blog Ken Burns Hates Mexicans had the details:

Their crime: Driving While Brown. Seems the Border Patrol agents stopped the band because they saw two Latinas in the front seats, the van had Texas plates, and was “full of luggage.” It was one in the morning.

Girl in a Coma, driving twelve miles outside of Mobile, Alabama, were deep in the “constitution free zone.” Apparently if you’re Brown and have guitar cases piled in the back of your citizenship is questionable.

Ridiculous. I hope the Border Patrol felt real dumb when they realized these women have Joan Jett on speeddial. asked a great question: Why isn’t Kristin Scott Thomas a movie star? They note that she played the “lesbian best friend in Tell No One,” and everyone knows playing gay when you are straight is insanely difficult and is deserving of an Oscar and nothing less.

But really, Kristin rules and I loved that movie. Guess she’ll have to play an ugly murderous lesbian to get some more recognition.

Are you out at work? The Frisky’s lesbian columnist said she and her girlfriend have differing views on the subject. BTW, I am totally out at work. In case you didn’t know yet, guys, I’m a lesbian.

Anyone remember when Ilene Chaiken was writing a TV series based on the book Confessions of a Back Up Dancer? Apparently she didn’t do too well with it, because it’s getting a rewrite by someone completely different. Ouch.

Kelly McGillis said she’s relieved to share her new relationship with the world. “‘My kids have always been very understanding but it was their friends and their friends’ parents that weren’t very accepting,” she told The New York Times. “My kids have suffered a great deal because I was with Mel, and that bothered me a lot, and so I never chose to talk about it.” Well that’s f–ked up. Someone send Kelly’s daughters’ “friends” the It Gets Better videos, stat. Also, a copy of Top Gun.

The Nation has a list of The Fifty Most Influential Progressives of the Twentieth Century and lesbians Billie Jean King, Jane Addams made the list. Eleanor Roosevelt, too, and you know what they say about her.

Beth Ditto walked the runway in Jean Paul Gaultier‘s Paris Fashion Show over the weekend.

The whole line looks to be inspired by lesbian rock ‘n roll. Am I right?

Cynthia Nixon is arguing for gay marriage, and she is doing it eloquently at the New Yorker Festival. She’s such a smart cookie.

Cynthia was also the co-host (alongside Claire Danes) of Afghan Hands and Orlane Fundraiser in New York City last Thursday. The organization was raising money for “Afghan widows whose husbands were killed by the Taliban.”

And now for some more recent It Gets Better project videos. From Kittie drummer Mercedes Lander:

And Aubrey O’Day:

On last night’s Brother and Sisters, Nora (Sally Field) became a florist and kept it a secret. So, of course, her family thought she was a lesbian. Her kids weren’t very excited about it, so they were very relieved when they found out she was not gay, just had a new job. WHEW!

On TV today, Margaret Cho on Dancing With the Stars (ABC 8 p.m.), a re-run of Katherine and Robin on Desperate Housewives (Lifetime 12 p.m.), Thintervention (Bravo 10 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and 12 a.m.), Dot Jones on The Tonight Show (ABC 12 a.m.), and a lesbian couple on House Crashers (DIY 5:30 p.m.). (Thanks Roni!)

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