Morning Brew – Thursday, October 7: Rihanna loves plastic girls, a Mexican movie about lesbian strippers seeking sperm

Hey all! What should we talk about today?

Well first there’s these photos of Rihanna from her upcoming photography book.

Those are my favorite of the bunch released so far. What? I’ve loved mannequins ever since, well, Mannequin . Also, I appreciate pants and hats.

In other news about pop stars that flirt with girls, Pinkwill be honored at the Human Rights Campaign’s 14th annual National Dinner this weekend for being an ally. And to further her allegiance, she is including a lesbian wedding in her video for new single “Raise Your Glass.”

The other day, we posted our list of the 50 Most Important Queer Women Musicians. If you are one of those people that think I’m cray cray with who is where and who isn’t on it at all, , maybe you’ll enjoy this list, too, in which the top seven gay musicians are men and t.A.T.u. come in at #11.

While we have our own National Coming Out Day next Monday, feminists are getting their own coming out day in March. So either they’re going to create a new Feminist Queer Women Coming Out Day somewhere in the middle — like January — or people like moi that identify as both can celebrate our outness twice a year — and all the other 363 days.

Kelly McGillis has been talking more about her personal life recently, and she’s got a lot to say about the gay shame she’s felt most of her life, her alcoholism and her partner, Melanie. In an interview with The Daily Mail she says:

For a long, long time, I really tried to be something I’m not — and I have to say it ruined my life in a lot of ways.

Check out a great interview with MEN from The New Gay. They talk about their crazy tour schedule and how they integrate politics and gender issues into their music.


Every once in a while I like to check in and make sure I love JD Samson. Yep, we’re good!

Flavorwire has compiled their 10 favorite gender-bending magazine covers, including the infamous Vanity Fair issue with k.d. lang and Cindy Crawford and the more recent Vogue Hommes Japan with Lady Gaga Jo Calderone. And here’s one from 1895:

See? Lesbians have been wearing menswear forever.

Sue Perkins has penned an article for The Guardian on gay and lesbian stereotypes on TV. Ah, yes, a topic we know well. Basically, she’s not happy with how we’re portrayed on the telly in the UK.

What saddens me is that the same issues keep arising. … For lesbians, despair at the outdated butch-femme stereotypes. Gay women generally are under-represented, unless you count the number of times the word “lesbian” or “dyke” features as a lazy comic’s punchline.

As compensation we have gay-centric dramas; the excellent Sugar Rush and the groundbreaking Queer as Folk. Maybe the up-and-coming Lip Service on BBC3 will join those ranks. But surely, in order for true ground to break, there has to be a middle way – something between the tepid sexlessness of the soaps’ queer couplings and the separatist universe of the US show The L Word, in which the characters are like something out of the Barbie Lesbian Range: the tennis pro with detachable miniskirt, the hairdresser with blow-drier.

So what does she want to see? “…when we’re just sitting around paying bills like Average Jos – then middle England, and the Queer Nation, will be happy.” Jo? Jo Calderone?

Over at, Bridget McManus interviews Bound magazine’s online editor Jillian Eugenios. Jillian dishes on living all over the world, working for the international lesbian magazine and why she’s been naked in the same room with Bridget’s sister. Scandal!

Mexican film Tierra Madre (Mother Earth) has been winning a ton of awards at film festivals this year. It follows Aidee Gonzalez, an exotic dancer who falls for her co-worker, Rosalba. Things get complicated when Rosalba wants to get pregnant and Aidee wants to help her get that sperm. Here’s the trailer:


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