The Weekly Geek: Tasha Harris talks “Costume Quest”

Since women are famously underrepresented in the game industry (or so it seems, from the scarcity of ladies doing media about making games), it’s always a treat to read an interview with a woman who plays a big role in a creative capacity.

It’s an even bigger treat if the producer/programmer/artist in question works at Double Fine – the developer behind the amazing Psychonauts and last year’s rawk’n epic Brutal Legend. But that’s exactly what we’re getting in GirlGamer’s awesome interview with Tasha Harris, project Lead for Double Fine’s upcoming Halloween-themed downloadable game Costume Quest.

It’s a great, quick read, made all the more delightful by Tasha’s quirky, nerdy, downright awesome persona.

From the piece:

GG: Costume Quest really emulates everything that is fun about Halloween as a kid. What is your favorite part about the game so far?

TH: Collecting the costumes. It’s always fun when you get a new costume, seeing the contrast of how it looks 
on the cute little kids vs. the powerful combat mode. The Creepy Treat cards also turned out really funny.”

And of course, they get to the hard-hitting questions as well, asking what Tasha’s coolest (and lamest) Halloween costumes were as a kid:

“The coolest costume I’ve had was a garden gnome sitting on a hill – I actually won the annual Pixar costume contest with that one. My lamest costume was when I was around 10, I really wanted to be Darth Vader but my parents wouldn’t buy me the official costume. So I sort of cobbled together a crappy looking Darth Vader costume out of stuff I found around the house. I thought I looked really cool.”

And if that’s not awesome enough, Harris also draws/writes a regular comic strip about her life as an animator/designer/geek.

As a big fan of the studio and their incredibly creative, often hilarious projects – and a lover of all things Halloween, I’m waiting for Costume Quest with bated breath. Just thinking about it makes me want to rip through Brutal Legend all over again.