Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 8, 2010): “The Real L Word,” Cynthia Nixon, Wanda Sykes, Constance McMillen

Christina Hendricks. The heterosexual Mad Men star finds it flattering when she’s hit on by women. You’re welcome!

Rules of Engagement. Sara Rue has been cast as a lesbian surrogate mom on the CBS sitcom. CBS president Nina Tassler promised we’d see more gay and lesbian characters on the notoriously gay-lite network this year. We should have known they’d be pregnant ones.

Sara Marcus. The writer has released Girls to the Front, the definitive book on the riot grrl movement. Can you turn a book up to 11?

Beth Ditto. The out singer/designer walked the runway in Jean Paul Gaultier‘s Paris Fashion Show last weekend. Also, her new line for Evans is so fierce, we bet she’s making some girls who don’t fit into her clothes wish they could.

Kim Zolciak. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star calmly answered some silly questions from her frenemy NeNe about her sexual identity and her affair with a lesbian DJ, and do so without getting her wig in a twist. The lesbian elephant in the living room? NeNe’s unspoken crush on Kim and her obvious jealousy of said DJ!

John Mellencamp and Ozzy Osbourne. Both singers recently told anti-gay organizations to stop appropriating their songs. Mellencamp told NOM this his “views on same sex marriage and equal rights for people of all sexual orientations are at odds with NOM’s stated agenda.” Ozzy and family are “disgusted and appalled that the Westboro Baptist Church would use Ozzy’s music to represent such hateful and despicable beliefs.” That is the true spirit of rock n’ roll.

Cynthia Nixon. The out actress recently made the argument for gay marriage at the New Yorker Festival and co-hosted the Afghan Hands and Orlane Fundraiser for Afghan widows whose husbands were killed by the Taliban. If Fred Dalton Thompson can run for office, why shouldn’t she?

Wanda Sykes. The actress participated in a PSA about gay bullying for the We Give a Damn campaign and joined Kathy Griffin on Larry King Live to discuss the issue. We like having her on our team.

Kerry Washington. The actress says that she’s still working on the Dusty Springfield biopic with Kristin Chenoweth, in which they will play lovers. Washington said, “”Trust me. We want to make out with each other as much as people want us to make out with each other.” OK, Kerry, we trust you.

ABC Family. The network announced it is working on a TV movie about teen lesbian Constance McMillen, and they have two out producers working on it. Now, let’s discuss casting.

The Real L Word. The Showtime reality series about self-absorbed Los Angeles lesbians was renewed for a second season this week. Is any visibility better than no visibility? We’ll get back to you on that after we see the premiere episode of S2.

Qrushr. Nope, we’re still not having it.

ABC Family. The network has canceled Huge, an amazing show about a fat camp written by out lesbian Savannah Dooley and her mom, Winnie Holzman. Are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? Channel your rage over at, where they’ve started a campaign to save the show.

Dancing with the Stars. Bi comic Margaret Cho got the boot this week, despite (or because of?) performing her “coming out as ourselves” samba while wearing a rainbow costume. The upside? Cho told Us, “I’ll be talking a lot about DWTS, drilling everyone a new one. It’s going to be awesome!”

Racial profiling. The touring band Girl in a Coma was stopped by agents because “they saw two Latinas in the front seats, the van had Texas plates, and was ‘full of luggage.'” Uh oh. Joan Jett isn’t going to like this one bit!

Karyme Lozano. The Mexican telenovela actress was crowned queen of San Francisco LGBT Pride in 2008. Now, she’s one of the celebrity supporters of the National Organization for Marriage-supported Vota Tus Valores (Vote Your Values) tour created to rally Latino voters’support for Carly Fiorina, the California candidate vying for Barbara Boxer’s U.S. Senate seat. Obviously, we’re going to need to get that crown back.

Patricia Dye. The 31-year-old woman (and does not identify herself as trans or male) posed as a teenage boy to entice underage girls to date her. She received six months in jail, and a lot of ill will from lesbian who don’t want that kind of visibility in the media.

Matthew Francis. One of two men accused of assaulting a gay patron at the historic Stonewall Inn in New York City claims that it’s obvious that he doesn’t hate gay people because his own sister is a “full-blown lesbian.” Would his homophobic assault have been half as brutal if his sister were bisexual?

The Westboro Baptist Church. In something completely out of character, the small fundamentalist group is still defending their right to picket the funerals of soldiers and gays. Now Margie Phelps has even quit her job as an administrator to fight for her right to be a jerk on a full-time basis. This means we can now officially ask her to quit her day job — and we mean the hateful, homophobic one.

The It Gets Worse campaign. According to our brother site,, “The Lot Project wants gay teens to know that whatever torment they’re going through now — it only gets worse in hell, where they’ll face eternal damnation for their sinful homosexual lifestyle.”