Morning Brew – Friday, October 8: A lesbian agent on “Sons of Anarchy,” Amanda Palmer pays witness to a lesbian wedding

It’s Friday! I hope you’re as happy about that as I am.

Last night I saw Kate Clinton host the Out & Equal Awards, “The Outies,” at the Los Angeles Convention Center. She’s a silver fox, right?

While at a Baltimore Ravens game, lesbian couple Mary Kate Morris and Nicole Marchetto were asked to leave because they were “casually kissing” by the concession stand. A security guard kicked them out after asking to see their IDs and accusing them of stealing a cup. Marchetto said of the incident:

The kissing was heartfelt and decent in the real sense and was not any different from what numerous law-abiding straight couples were doing all around us.

They are considering legal action, and rightfully so. Keep on, keep on kissing!

Corrie‘s lesbian couple are just friends IRL. This is still news every time they are shown out together and the UK tabloids catch Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson out together. Yep, still straight. Still just acting!

Have you been keeping up with Outlaw? The NBC series starring Carly Pope as a bisexual investigator is in danger of being canceled. Production has come to a halt, and the network is deciding what to do with the remaining five episodes. That’s what happens when Carly mentions being bi in the first episode and you never see it again.

Women’s site is asking if you would ever hit on your celebrity crush. They are using the Christina Hendriks quote on how both men and women hit on her, and want to know “Is Christina is some kind of lesbian magnet, or are her beauty and star power so overwhelming that even the straightest of the straight can’t help complimenting her on her beautiful, beautiful mouth? (Whoops.) And furthermore, if you ran into your celebrity crush, would you ACTUALLY have the stones to flirt?” Go ahead and vote.

There’s been a lesbian on Sons of Anarchy all this time, and we never knew it. ATF agent June Stahl (Ally Walker) is a gay lady, and we would have found this out in season 1, had they not cut a scene with her leaving a woman in her bed. But now she actually has a girlfriend. It’s a hard show to get into, so I’d recommend watching from the beginning if you want to see her in action. That way, you can spot all the subtext, too.

In case you’re wondering how awesome Amanda Palmer is, she recently invited a lesbian couple on stage so she could serve as a witness for their wedding — right there and then. Lucky for us, the club recorded it all and now we can witness it, too.

Pretty cool!

Noomi Rapace, star of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, is rumored to be in talks about starring in an Alien prequel. I can see it already. One ticket, please!

Out singer Jen Foster has released the song “This is Me,” inspired by the recent teen suicides. Check it out at

Judy Gold, Sabrina Matthews and Poppy Champlin have a message for you on the matter, too.

Today on TV: lesbian-themed re-runs of Living Single (Oxygen 6:30 a.m.), Without a Trace (Ion 9 p.m.), Money Hunters (DIY 11:30 a.m.) and new episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation (TeenNick 9 p.m.) , The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.) and Outlaw (NBC 10 p.m.).

And don’t forget: Jane Lynch is hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!