The Weekly Geek: Nerd chic and “Alien” news

When most publications go to events like New York Comic Con, they’re reporting on the nitty-gritty of the conference. You know, the fanboy-fueling news about games, comics, nerd films, etc. But when Logo goes to Comic Con, you can expect something a little more fabulous. Behold, an article on geek chic devoted entirely to nerd fashion and finding the perfect geeky T-shirt.

The fine folks at the NewNowNext blog snapped pics of all the best wearable wares on display, including a delightful joke T from Star Wars and this saucy little number inspired by Firefly. Long live the browncoats!

From the post:

For a show that lasted only half a season, Buffy creator Joss Whedon’s Firefly sure has inspired quite the selection of geek swag. We visited fan group the Austin Browncoats‘ large booth offering a huge array of shirts, bags, gun replicas, and other items for Firefly fans, or just fans of western/space/Asian fusion culture. Our favorite shirt of the bunch is the one worn by Jayne in the Firefly movie Serenity; the Chinese characters say “troublemaker.”

The only things cooler than those shirts are the super-sweet Lego earrings below. I’d like to do a nerdy craft project with these and make little dioramas to hang from my ears.

In other big news this week, the Alien prequel may be back on track – and get this – Natalie Portman is in talks to star.

It’s all speculation at this point, but IO9 has the scoop:

Lost show runner Damon Lindelof‘s script for Ridley Scott‘s troubled Alien prequel may have just solved all the director’s problems. In fact his reportedly stunning script may have even nabbed Natalie Portman for the lead role.

A few weeks ago, rumor had it that Scott and Fox were squabbling over the Alien prequel budget and rating. Scott was gunning for a hard R and a bigger budget, while Fox was pumping the brakes on the whole project. But according to Vulture, Lindelof just turned in his script this past Saturday, and it was so good that it stopped the fighting. Why? Here’s why:

One reason Fox execs are so thrilled with Lindelof’s Alien draft is that, not only is it creatively engaging, but it adds no expensive “set pieces” — production-speak for elaborate, effects-heavy action sequences that add millions to the cost of a film — to the movie.

If (big if) Portman stars, she’ll be thrust into the role of a “female Colonial Marine general,” which sounds absolutely delicious. Let’s not forget, she’s no stranger to genre fiction: her stints in the Star Wars prequels and V for Vendetta give her plenty of street cred, and she can rock a butch “bald is beautiful” look like no one else.

Just imagine: every lesbian who hasn’t already had a crush on Portman will soon fall under the spell of a badass space marine with killer brown eyes. In space, no one can hear you squee.