Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 15, 2010): “Lip Service” rocks, “Essence” gets it right and Jillian Michaels gets dissed

Avalon Media. The publishers of lesbian magazines Bound and LOTL have purchased Curve. Congrats all around!

KT Tunstall. The vocalist said she won’t define herself sexually because “you love who you love.” And we love her.

Jeanette Winterson. The lesbian author has two upcoming projects we can’t wait to know more about: a memoir and a horror novella. Now think of what that could be if you put the two together!

Marie Claire. The woman’s publication ran a great coming out piece this week featuring a woman who didn’t want to let her beauty queen mom down. (And she didn’t!)

Rachael Cantu. The out songstress teamed up with Anyone But Me to make a dramatic music video.

Lip Service. The premiere episode drew 580,000 viewers and the sex scenes are already making straight people scowl and shake their heads. Win!

Glee. Ryan Murphy lived up to his promise and gave us some Sapphic smooching between Brittany and Santana. The scissoring dialogue was an added bonus.

Cynthia Nixon. The actress was brilliant as Laura Linney‘s estranged best friend from college on The Big C this week. She even played straight convincingly, yet again. Did you see that, Newsweek?

Heather Matarazzo. The actress has spoken about how out and proud she is this week, and also has two new films coming out soon. Again, Newsweek, are you paying attention?

Essence magazine. The web edition has featured its first ever married lesbian couple, Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills, in a section called Bridal Bliss. Yet another case of ladymags finally realizing gay women also read their publications.

Saturday Night Live. While Jane Lynch did her best, the show did not give last week’s host enough good material to work with. We’re throwing a virtual slushy in their face.

Gossip Girl. The show has already done its fake girl-on-girl kiss, so now they’re resorting to featuring bit characters who are offended when mistaken for lesbians. Doesn’t it just sound ridiculous?

Hellcats. The show’s lesbian cheerleader was MIA this week on an episode that featured flag football and the volleyball team in underwear. Missed opportunity, CW.

Bumpy lesbian relationships on TV. Spoilers indicate that our favorite (read: only) American lesbian couples (Calzona on Grey’s Anatomy, Emily and Maya on Pretty Little Liars) will have some issues this year. No word yet on the scripting of make-up sex.

The L.A. Times. The paper’s piece about Jillian Michaels called her a fitness fraud that merely acts like a trainer on TV. Ouch. It was written by a personal trainer, which gives us the idea someone’s a little jealous. And, yes, Michaels is planning to take legal action.

The cruel hand of fate. There’s a fourth book in the Stieg Larsson Millenium series, but it will probably never be released because the late Larsson’s family and girlfriend won’t allow it. We’re assuming book four is the one in which Lisbeth marries her partner and tries to find a suitable sperm donor.

Perez Hilton. We’re glad he’s acknowledging how jerky he is, but we still would like to see him follow through on his promise to tone it down before we prematurely applaud him.

The Dilemma. Apparently no one involved with the making of this movie questioned the use of “that’s gay” within the first minute of the trailer. Yet another reason more lesbians are needed in Hollywood. Star Vince Vaughn wants to keep the joke in the movie, explaining “joking about our differences breaks tension and brings us together.” Are you feeling the togetherness?

Homophobic Yankees fans. The team will no longer allow the oft-sung lyrics “Why Are You Gay?” during the “Y.M.C.A.” at games. First question: Why was it allowed in the first place?

Carl Paladino. The New York Republican gubernatorial candidate said he didn’t march at Gay Pride this year because “there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.” The anit-porn (and anti-“pervert”) politician also emailed an “awesome” lesbian porn video to his friends. Now there’s something to be proud of.