Good Game: Medal of Honor Missteps, Fallout Factions, Fable III Prostitutes, and Zombies in the Wild West

Good Game is a weekly column about the latest news in video games and casual gaming.

The first-person Afghanistan-set shooter Medal of Honor (Xbox/PS3/Wii/PC)was released on Tuesday, to mixed reviews from critics and players. I have mixed feelings about it myself: the single-player campaign is a fun, mostly polished game with good graphics, realistic settings, and a solid story. But the multiplayer experience is a different story— although it’s still fun, it’s not only not “polished,” it’s barely finished. The fact that the single-player and multiplayer versions were created by separate studios is very apparent.Multiplayer was virtually inaccessible the day the game was released due to server problems on EA’s end (a major business and PR faux-pas), but even now that you can play it,it’s buggy, weapons are under- or over-powered, the maps are so small that you frequently get killed immediately after spawning, and when you play in a party with friends, you often end up on opposite teams. And those are just a few of the problems.

There’s still a lot of fun to be had with Medal of Honor, especially the single-player campaign, as long as you lower your expectations.

The FPS I still have high hopes for is Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nov. 9 Xbox/PS3/PC).Activision released new trailers this week, including this one featuring the multiplayer jungle map:


If you’re a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, you might enjoy this extensive history published by IGN this week.

Only a few more days until the release of Fallout New Vegas (Oct. 19 Xbox/PS3/PC)! To tide you over, here’s a new trailer revealing what everyone’s fighting over in the post-Apocolyptic future (it’s not a Best-Dressed award):


Can I start my own faction instead? It’d be easy to find recruits for “The Sarahs” — throw a Pip-Boy into a crowded vault, and you’re bound to hit someone with that name.