Good Game: Medal of Honor Missteps, Fallout Factions, Fable III Prostitutes, and Zombies in the Wild West

Lionhead released a new trailer for Fable III (Oct. 26 Xbox) emphasizing the combat in the game.


A preview of the upcoming Fable III art book has also been revealed, and it includes drawings of prostitute characters that didn’t make it into the game (there are some who did):

I can’t say I’m sorry these didn’t make the cut. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer my fantasy RPG characters not be wearing assless chaps.

A Fable III soundtrack will also be released. If you want to know more about how the game was designed, read Gamasutra’s new in-depth interview with Fable III’s Lead Designer Josh Atkins.

If you prefer horror over fantasy, you can download “Undead Redemption” on Oct. 26instead.  Rockstar released a trailer for the Red Dead Redemption (Xbox/PS3/PC) DLC this week:


In the”Undead” single-player mission, John Marston must survive the zombie plague that terrorizes the frontier, fighting off zombies, zombie animals and occasional mythical creatures.To help with this, you’ll get a new weapon called the Blunderbuss,which uses looted zombie remains for ammo. The DLCs new multiplayer content includes competitive and free roam modes such as Undead Overrun, in which you and your friends work together to survive waves of zombies. Frozen pea shooters and tall-nuts not included.

Because no new game is complete without multiplayer these days, check out this trailer for at Tron: Evolution (Dec. 7 Xbox/PS3/PC), a prequel to the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie.


These new-fangled computer things will be the death of us all!